Why Age 18-24 Feels Like A Period Of Uncertainty & 3 Ways To Overcome It?

Why Age 18-24 Feels Like A Period Of Uncertainty & 3 Ways To Overcome It?

Suruchi Patwary

In our late teens and early twenties, so many of us are trying to find ourselves in our purpose, what careers are meant for us and how to make it happen, finding the right friendships and romantic partners and finding out what we want out of life in general. I am currently living that stage of uncertainty in my life, which is why, I spoke to Devina Kaur, an inspirational speaker and author of the self-help book 'Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious' to understand if everyone feels the same way in this age and if yes, then how to deal with this feeling of uncertainty. She started off by saying,

During the age between 18 to 24, we are still at the stage of life where we are figuring out who we are as people and what we want to do with the rest of our lives. This uncertainty explains why this age group is the most stressed out and can cause them to feel wholly overwhelmed. Remember that your emotions are neither right nor wrong; they simply exist. This is the time where your current decisions will literally have an effect on the rest of your life; this is a lot to put on someone's shoulders. This stress and uncertainty can lead to anxiety and even severe mental health struggles.  
Devina Kaur, inspirational speaker and author of 'Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious'
Devina Kaur

It is a period of great uncertainty because it is a crucial time for young adults to decide on their future paths. It's not always easy to make those decisions when there are so many options available that seem equally exciting or fulfilling. We all aspire to live with a sense of purpose that drives us to share our uniqueness and gifts with the world without judgement.

This is the time of life when young adults are faced with a lot of decisions. With so many options and opportunities, it's not always easy to make those critical decisions when we are uncertain about which one is right for us and will be suitable for our wellbeing. Befriend your ego and know your dark side and your good side. When you do this, you will find what path is meant just for you as this leads to more self-awareness and thus spiritual confidence. This generation has been referred to as 'the most educated and the most connected', yet the feeling of uncertainty remains.

Here are 3 great ways by Devina to overcome the anxiety of feeling uncertainty that start with realising the power we hold within us to our true authenticity:

1. Knowledge Of Self-Acceptance

Self-Acceptance By Senntabi | www.shutterstock.com

Loving yourself is the prerequisite to happiness and loving yourself is not a selfish idea. It's more than just loving the person that you are. First, it's about knowing who you are and then it's also about accepting who exactly that person is and what you have to offer the world. Love is the most basic and fundamental of human emotions. When you love yourself unconditionally, you will become more confident and compassionate with yourself and in turn, with others.

You will also become a better, more genuine person to be around as you learn to know who you are and become more aware of your own needs and how to meet them. When you know yourself, you can practice radical self-acceptance for exactly who you are. You will become more content about the idea of the person you will become in the future and empowerment will become the source of your energy. Remember, self-love is the root of all happiness and the journey to self-love is love itself.

2. Unveiling Our Inner Joy

Inner Joy By Yolya Ilyasova | www.shutterstock.com
Inner Joy

One of the most important things in life is to find what makes you happy and bring it to fulfilment. It doesn't matter if it seems unconventional to others, as long as it fulfils your soul, that's all that will ever matter. People often act in accordance with what they think is expected of them. Unlearn your previous conditioning and create your own rules and norms regardless of societal expectations and what society tells you is the right things to do.

With that being said, it is more important that you find your own happiness and unveil what makes you filled with pride and genuine joy because the world can be a cruel place at times and having people who are happy and fulfilled can make the world a better place for everyone. Remember both you and your life purpose are looking to connect with one another.

3. Relishing In Your Authenticity

Be You By WAYHOME studio | www.shutterstock.com
Be You

In today's day and time, the world needs more than one type of person, not just because we need different perspectives to solve the world's problems but we also need different types of people to make sure that all problems can be understood from all angles. Reveal yourself to the world with your genuine, authentic characteristics. Understanding that the world needs more unique people who do not try to fit into the status quo is critical to recognize that nobody should feel like their ideas or passions are inferior just because others don't fully understand or approve of it. Just be you, and share your unique gifts with the world.

When you know and accept your worth, you will be able to unleash your true identity and spiritual abundance.  It's no secret that the world is changing and we need to become agents of change with it. More people than ever are living their lives in ways that were not possible even a few decades ago. We need more than one type of person because different people bring different things to the table. Nobody should feel like they do not have a voice or feel like they are being left behind.

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