It’s a new week, and there’s a new trend that’s making rounds on Instagram. We’ve watched content creators jump on the trends bandwagon and make Reels that are so good, that they’re an absolute visual treat to watch. And the latest Reel trend that has got creators going gaga is on the trending song, ‘Love Nwantiti‘ by Ckay. Wanna know which creators tried out this trend? Check ‘em out here!

Scroll away!

1. Mr. Faisu

Faisal Shaikh a.k.a. Mr. Faisu along with Shweta Sharda created this amazing Reel and we cannot get enough of how the two are in sync. To top it, that swag factor just enhances the vibe of this video.

2. Avneet Kaur

Taking a break from the full-fledged dance routines and on this spectacular dance form of pole dance here is Avneet Kaur. We absolutely love how at the pick up of the beats, Avneet gives a slow-mo effect to the video. Tbh, we can’t wait to watch more such videos already!

3. Nagma Mirajkar

Can we just start with how there something so calming about this video. Can’t really point a finger at whether the abundance of white colour, the scenic locale frame or  just Nagma. Also, we’re admitting that we watched this one on loop because Nagma’s worked this Reel trend like a smooth operator.

4. Awez Darbar

Awez Darbar giving us total inspo vibes with Reel. Right from the bang-on moves to this trend’s dance routine to those stunning transitions, this video is among of our faves by this creator.

5. Ranveer Allahbadia

Ranveer Allahbadia a.k.a. BeerBiceps making us visually feel the vibe of the song with this Reel. The video chosen by this creator is perfect and the song just enhances the meaning to the words, don’t you agree?

6. Aadil Khan

Aadil Khan acing this dance routine and making eyes pop with his super cool moves and swagger vibes. Gotta admit, we watched this one on repeat just to try this one Reel trend out.

So here were some of the creators who took on the Reel trend and made us hit that save button just because they were all so darn awesome. If you’re interested in trying this Reel trend out, then you have all the inspo you need right here. Also, on a side note we hope everyone reading this blog is staying safe and getting your vaccination shots.