Making relatable Reels about Indian moms is one thing and always getting it on point is another, hehe. What we love about it the most is how everyone relates to it just to the same degree. There has never been a time that we've watched a Reel about Indian moms and got ourselves baffled. It's really funny and entertaining when creators add a bit of their own personal experience to these Reels. How these creators depict the innocence, love, and drama involved in an average Indian household so accurately always amuses us. So, let's cut to the chase and go through some of these precisely curated Indian mom Reels.

Scroll down for some 'Oh mother' moments...

1. Prajakta Koli

For our moms, the perfect solution for every problem is to close our eyes and breathe. But in this Reel, the tendency of our moms to protect us from all sorts of problems is pretty much evident. Isn't this an exact depiction of our moms' innocence?

2. Krutika

Nothing can shake our moms. They're super chill about it all at things all the time. It's marvellous how this chill attitude works in every household. In this Reel, we can see Krutika totes living by the saying, 'Ignorance is the best policy' in certain matters.

3. Kusha Kapila

Here's yet another proof of the fact that our moms really do have a thing for getting their daughters married early. But we must say that the times are changing and so are our moms. Ngl, the song and the play legit cracked us up big time.

4. Niharika NM

Our moms don't have to put much effort or time in adjusting the lyrics for the remix and that's what we call pure talent. By the way, memorizing this remix can give you proper references and guidance on how to clean, just in case if you need it in the future. We must say that this one Reel has defo served two purposes in one go for sure, entertainment and guidance!

5. Dolly Singh

It will be better if we take some time to keep our eyes wide open and see how hard she manages to keep the whole house clean. Now, tell us on a scale of 1-10 how relatable is this Reel? Wait, you don't have to say, we know it's a 10, heheh.

6. Viraj Ghelani

Why don't you understand, she's not scolding you, she's just saying it all out of LOVE. The voice modulation is right on point. Viraj, we have a humble request, you should do more such Reels with female voiceovers, we're totes loving this.

7. Agasthya Shah

Now, this isn't a new scenario to occur in Indian households. The tension our moms go through right before the guests arriving is real and is totally justifiable. After all, they have to keep an eye on everything. This rendition Reel by Agasthya defo has the right amount of Indianess added to it.

8. Sakshi Shivdasani

This portrayal of how moms agree to everything we say to them about our friends is so damn cute and relatable. This Reel shows how happy our moms are to be a part of our world. It doesn't matter if they get it or not, for them, it's all about having a nice chat with their children.

With that, we've come to the end of an enjoyable ride through some of the relatable Indian mom Reels. It's true that we can never get enough of watching these Reels but unfortunately, this is it for today. Stay tuned to get more updates about what's trending on Instagram. On a different note, we hope that you all are strictly adhering to the Covid-19 norms and are keeping yourself and your family safe.