Honestly, my fave pastime lately is spending time on Instagram Reels and discovering new trends by creators. Almost, every week there’s a new trend in town and in no time everyone’s jumping onto these trends. What’s even better is when creators give their own twist to these trends and make them super quirky and unique to them. Let’s find out which trends made them rockin‘ and Reeling.

Scroll down to find out!

1. Ayy Macarena

If this song doesn’t remind you of old school music then I don’t know what does. This literally used to be the jam in those days. Anyways, coming back to the trend. This is a simple dance trend that can do wonders with just a few signature steps. So, throw sass around like confetti and hop onto the trend right away just like Ashi Khanna and Rishabh Chawla!

2. Supermarket Kart

Damn, this killer trend could not get fancier than this! In this trend, all you have to do is go to a supermarket, place your camera on the kart and dance to those signature steps with your pals. I literally love how Zaid Darbar and his squad took this trend up by a notch.

3. Emoji Challenge

This challenge totes reminds me of me doing the peace sign when the camera is faced towards me, hehe. This trend is super fun as you just have to recreate the emojis as given in this ‘Photo Puzzle Emot‘ filter. I think Avneet Kaur has done a fabulous job at imitating the different emojis. Btw, which is your fave emoji from these?  

4. Stay

I can’t stress enough, how this song by Justin Bieber has gotten a quirky twist and trend to it. The best part of this trend is its USP of using a drone. However, it’s manageable without a drone too. Gaurav Taneja and the cutest Rasbhari have made me fall in love with them and with their ‘aww-dorable‘ dance moves.

5. Get Into It

Yet another dance trend that blew up the internet and caught everyone’s attention. This is such a chic and classy song to dance on, isn’t it? Doja Cat’s songs have literally given us new trends every month. So, get into your dancing shoes and try this trend out just like the stunner, Nicole Concessao!

6. Kindess

This has to be one of those carefree and cool trends that made a lot of creators go gaga about it. The best part of this trend is that it is personalised to reach a person’s choice. You can perform whichever steps of your choice to this audio. The lovebirds, Zaid Darbar and Gauahar Khan choose to go for a simple shoulder movement, wbu?

7. Who Got You Smiling Like That?

Yoo buoy, did Anmol Sachar’s Reel make you smile like that? Firstly, this trend does not need any description ‘cuz it’s all about feelings! Secondly, I am a huge fan of such trends as all it brings to your feed is positivity and happiness. I’ve watched so many Reels where they’ve put a few ‘doggo‘ pictures as well and I can’t be more obsessed with this trend ‘cuz of it.

8. Tumse Milke

OMG, that beat drop is such a vibe. Never have I ever liked a remix this good. All thanks to @armanmarkar for giving us this killer audio to play around with. I love how the entire vibe is changing from classy to sassy. Aashna Hegde is the ultimate queen of such trends, amirite?

9. Low Remix

This is yet another dance trend but this time with a partner. It could be your relative, friend, anybody. All that needs to be done here is to replicate the same steps as shown by these two besties, Jannat Zubair and Anushka Sen. It’s time to find your Reel partner now, buh bye!

10. Touch It

Looks like dance trends are really the new trendsetters. This trend got really famous at the beginning of September but we don’t wanna miss out on any trends now do we? This trend too is super cool and with the correct expressions just like Shirley Setia’s it gets even better!

11. Filter Trend

This trend is not only fun but amazing to see if the creators get the lip-syncing on point and Melvin Louis and Harleen Sethi got that bang-on. This Reel is a fun combination of filters with this quirky audio. Although, I can’t visit anywhere rn due to Covid-19 this trend is surely reminding me of all the places that I should visit soon. Also, to see how this trend should be made, stay tuned to our page as we’re soon going to give you guys a small tutorial.

12. Love Nwantiti

I kid you not, the tune of this trend is legit stuck in my head, all thanks to Instagram Reels. The best part about this trend is that any kind of content goes along with it whether it’s food, travel, dance, all of it. The dancing queen as well as the trendsetter, Nagma Mirajkar has as usual done an amazing routine for all of us.

13. Manike Mage Hithe

The choreography of this trend is so smooth that it makes me wanna try out the trend as well. The footwork and the exit in this dance routine really caught my attention. Saurabh and Anoosha have given such a colourful twist to this trend that it can’t go unnoticed. Also, the colours changing really kept me hooked to their Reel.

Phewww, that was a long list but yeah we’ve come to an end. No, not the end of trends on Instagram cause there’ll always be new ones coming up. So stay tuned to our page to know and get updated with the newer trends. Until then, stay home, stay safe and get yourself vaccinated!