The fact that creators on Instagram always find a way to include trendy content on their feed is indeed aweinspiring. Every time a new show comes up or something big happens, creators twist them up using their wit and sense of humor to crack us up. Well, a good example of this is the content that creators made when Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp went down for 6 hours. If you’re a Netflix user we’re sure that you’re still not over the latest Netflix show, ‘Squid Game’, and that you’re ready to talk about it all day. In case you haven’t watched this show, not a spoiler alert, but let us tell you that it’s filled with action, fiction, and thrilling elements to the highest degree. Now, if you’ve spent time watching the original show, you might as well spend some time here going through these ‘Squid Game-lite’ versions by creators!

Get ready to see some not-so-spooky versions of Squid Game…

1.  Nagma Mirajkar

Now this Reel shows us exactly what it’d be like if Indians were to participate in the ‘Red light, Green light‘ game. The part where the doll started dancing to the Indian upbeat song that tempted Nagma to dance is what we love the most about this Reel. And the part where she got shot is surely not our favorite! ;(

2. Krutika

Wanna see what it’d be like to take part in the ‘Red light, Green light‘ game with your BFF, well then this Reel is for you. ‘If I’m going down, I’m taking everybody with me’, we can totally see this dialogue by Chandler Bing coming into action here in this Reel. But why is everyone getting shot tho? They were just having some BFF moments.

3. Hardik Sharma

At first, he somehow managed to survive, but then when the Punjabi dance number started playing he totally lost it and got eliminated. But we can’t blame him, it’s nearly impossible for anyone to stop themselves from dancing to such amazing songs, amirite?

4. Saransh Goila

From Dalgona coffee at the start of the pandemic to Dalgona candy trending on Instagram these days, the transition has been so smooth with the release of ‘Squid Game’. Now we have professional chefs to show us the recipe to make this candy most entertainingly. Even if we got a perfect recipe to make this candy, the elimination of player number 65 saddened us, what about you?

5. Dev Raiyani

He tried his best to keep himself under control, but then when the beat dropped, he couldn’t stop himself from dancing. Well, it’s totally justifiable considering the fact that not dancing to this song is impossible. And here we have yet another player who got eliminated just because of his love for dancing, hehe!

There you go! Now, we’re sure that when you watch ‘Squid Game‘, these Reels are gonna flash through your minds. We must say, the creativity of these creators is definitely applaudable. On another note, we hope that y’all are staying safe and healthy during these tough times. Also, don’t forget to get yourself vaccinated.