A Quiet Place Part II Review: Millicent Simmonds Impresses In The Sequel Of This Horror-Thriller

A Quiet Place Part II Review: Millicent Simmonds Impresses In The Sequel Of This Horror-Thriller

Nawaz Kochra

Horror has always been my favorite genre and combining it with thriller is a treat that anybody (including me) would absolutely love. Recently, when I saw A Quiet Place Part 2 on the big screen I was quite enthralled with the way this sequel has been made. Not just because I like the human v/s monsters setting in the post-apocalyptic world, but also because of the amazing performances the cast has delivered.

However, the film also does get a tad illogical at places, it is something I would totally overlook, but the makers also don't give me enough goosebumps and thrills through the 1 hour 37 minutes long film. Starring Emily Blunt, Cillian Murphy, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe in pivotal roles, the film is directed by John Krasinski for Paramount Pictures.

In part 2, the makers set the mood of the film in the first 5 minutes, by showing the first encounter of the blind aliens with humans and how these supernatural beings get triggered with sound. Before I tell you more about the film, check out its trailer here:

Here's what I like about the film:

  1. Millicent Simmonds as Regan Abbott

Millicent has done a fabulous job in the film's sequel. In fact, she is the hero of this one. The way she has fought the aliens, and also set on a mission to find more human life after cracking the code, was quite gutsy and impressive. Throughout the film, there is not a moment when you will not notice her.

2. The crispness of the film

This is one thing about the film for which I will give brownie points to the director. The sequel is quite crisp, there are no fillers that drag the story. The entire film is a very compact version of the world hit by aliens and as an audience, you can figure out everything that is happening. Everything that happens in the story is to the point and there is not a second where you will get bored.

3. Cillian Murphy as Emmett

Emmett (played by Cillian) who is one of the survivors of this alien invasion is very impressive to watch. What I liked about his character was that you could feel every emotion and turmoil he went through. And despite that, Cillian's character has a badass quality too and I like how there is more scope left for him in the upcoming parts of the film because Emmett is someone you would want to look forward to.

Things that could have been better:

  1. The horror element  

A Quiet Place Part 2 lacks the right amount of horror. It did give me the edge-of-the-seat moments, in the right proportions, but they were short-lived. The horror jerks in the film are well placed, but also quite predictable. And the horror didn't live with me after the film ended, because it was used in a minimal amount.

2. Emily Blunt is underplayed in the second half

The second half of the film is actually the thrilling part, where all characters are having their struggle for survival. In that more focus has been placed on the kids Noah and Millicent. However, I would have wanted to see Emily more. Not just as a mother trying to keep her children alive, but also as a human being fighting for her own survival.

3. The minimal dialogues

I agree that the makers have stuck to the name and kept it a quiet place, and also I like the way they have played with the sounds. Especially the way they have used sound as a trigger for the aliens, is brilliant, having said that, I would have appreciated the film to have more dialogues. The minimal dialogues create a kind of disconnect in several parts of the film, and the silence in some scenes actually takes away the impact.

However, there is a lot to explore in this franchise and I am sure the third part will be bigger and better. A Quiet Place Part 2 is up for release in India on October 8th and I must say, this is meant for a theatrical experience. The entire feel of the film is set right only if you watch it on the big screen.

My verdict: 3 stars out of 5.