Social media is the new ball game for all the content creators out there! There have been new creators emerging every single day with their unique content and creativity. This includes people from categories across the field such as fashion, beauty, dance, comedy, and many more. However, I have managed to come across a few of them who make way and stand out of the clutter. We feature them on our exclusive property called #NextBigThing and are always in a search of more talented creators. To know who these people are scroll right down.

Here are they…

1. Emma and Aanya

I have to say, Aanya has been so creative when it comes to managing her Instagram page, @pawsandwheelscuz it’s defo a very unique concept. She’s been making memories through travelling and leaving footprints wherever she goes with her Golden Retriever ‘doggo‘ named Emma. She has visited over 60 places with her and still continues to do so. Well, don’t forget to check out her profile.

2. Neerja Parikh

All the Gen-Z’s in the house, I am sure you guys know Uneeque a.k.a Neerja? She has been following all big creators and has also been creating fun videos since Musically days. She’s very experimental and does not shy away from trying out new content whether it’s dance, music, art, act, all of it. Also, she got an opportunity to work with the most loved squad ‘Damn Fam‘ which is an amazing milestone. Her only motive is to bring a smile to all her fans faces and I think she has managed to do that pretty well.

3. Shantanu Rangnekar

Shantanu started his journey in acting during his childhood days itself and he developed a liking towards it so he continued it during his college days as well. After which, he got many opportunities to work in Marathi movies and serials. What made him start creating content on Instagram was Reels. He’s a keen visualiser and a writer so, in Dec 2020 he made his first Instagram Reel and since then he’s never looked back. He’s always on the look to create fresh, new and relatable content that connects him with his fans.

4. Gurleen Gambhir

Gurleen’s a stylist first and then a content creator! Before the pandemic, she was majorly into fashion designing where she launched her own brand. But, when the pandemic hit, her sister motivated her to continue styling just to keep her occupied with work. Soon she started styling herself while creating content for the same. She not only covers homegrown businesses in her Reels but also tries to create looks from her own wardrobe. So, don’t miss out on her for some fashion inspo.

5. Vipasha Malhotra

Well, who doesn’t know Vipasha now? Yes, she’s the one who sang the Hindi version of the popular song, Runway that was making rounds on the ‘gram. For a fact, she also had a candid chat with Aurora, herself and we are super proud of her. She has been posting music and comedy content for the past 5 years but when the pandemic hit she became even more consistent. Currently, she makes musical comedy, re-writes pop songs in Hindi, comedy sketches and much more. The best part about her is that she believes in quality content and not just the follow count which I love personally.

6. Ritvi Shah

Ritvi creates all things fashion. She started her content creation journey in the mids of 2020 and Instagram ought to be her major outlet. She creates content that not only entertains her audience but also inspires and motivates them in a way. She has a special segment on Instagram called ‘SmallBizWithRitz‘ where she gives shoutouts to small brands that are tried and tested by her. Also, if you are looking for some aesthetics on the ‘gram then don’t miss out on her.

7. Saahel

This young and talented singer needs no introduction now! Guess what, he was a part of the ‘Creator Day India’s’ event by Instagram too. Coming to his journey, he started learning Hindustani classical music since he was 9 and he grew up performing as a child singer. Today, he is known for creating the famous Hindi version of ‘Stay‘ by Justin Bieber. He also makes mashups, Bollywood music covers and remixes. If you’ve not seen his profile then you should do it right away.

8. Hema Pandey

Hema started making videos just for fun in 2020 but gradually it became her passion and was dedicated to it. Her content is all about self-portraits, lifestyle, fashion and styling. For her numbers don’t matter much as long as she’s happy with what she’s doing and honestly that’s what matters, amirite?

9. Zeel Nahar

Zeel started her content creation journey 2 years ago but only lately did she actually start posting religiously and in no time she has over 10k followers on her profile. She loves revamping fashion in different ways with the second best thing she loves which is dancing. She tries to maintain a good fusion of dance and fashion in her Reels which literally keeps us hooked to her feed. So, don’t miss out on her for sure.

10. Nistha Saraf

Nistha is a fashion and travel blogger for the past 4 years now. She is from India but currently living in the Netherlands. She loves styling outfits in different ways and also tries to come up with the most unique yet practical styles. She enjoys creating small format videos a.k.a. Reels with different twists every time. Also, I love it when she combines travel and fashion together so, if you’re looking for a page that has both, then Nistha’s feed is the one.

Well, I love how these creators are always putting in loads of hard work and dedication to reach the top. They have always outshined their way through their hard work and dedication. Keep supporting such creators as they need us the most. On a side note, I hope you guys are safe and booking your vaccine slots.