Actor Karan Kundrra has been emerging as a really strong contestant on the show. Yesterday, I absolutely loved how Karan played the task and acquired the map to enter the house. And looks like he is going to make things interesting further, while in tonight’s episode we will see Karan troubling Pratik Sehajpal over Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal‘s blooming love story, there will be a point where Karan will also slam Pratik.

Since yesterday, we have been seeing Miesha and Ieshaan getting really close. Considering, Miesha has a past with Pratik this will not go down well with him, on top of that, the housemates will be seen teasing the new lovebirds which will leave Miesha blushing and Pratik jealous.

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While it will be a happy atmosphere in the house, Pratik will do something uncalled for. He will break the latch of the jungle bathroom while a female contestant, Vidhi Pandya is inside and that will not go down well with many housemates. Not just will Tejasswi Prakash object to this, but even Karan will lose his cool and slam Pratik for his action.

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Other than all this, Bigg Boss will also announce that the season’s first captain will be from Shamita Shetty, Pratik, or Nishant Bhat and they will be selected by the contestants in the jungle. Well, even though I have an idea who they will select, I am excited to see what drama happens while choosing the captain. Stay tuned!