When it comes down to it, even the Kardashian women suffer from the dreaded “baby hair” syndrome. Everyone has it and everyone can relate to the love-hate relationship with their baby hair. The trends these days have made those tiny little hair strands some what popular among the Gen-Zs of today… But truth be told, they’re annoying as hell—especially when it’s humid and hot outside and can make you regret thinking they are or could be referred to as “cute”. However, we’re not here to discuss why we hate baby hair so much, we’re here to bring something else to you notice… Something wherein people could misconstrue their hair breakage for baby hair/flyaways.

We all know the basics of how hair grows…
A strand of hair grows from a root (below the follicle). The nutrients in our body then feed the root through the scalp to generate more hair to make it grow. And as the hair keeps growing, more gets pushed up through the scalp, until they’ve completed their whole cycle and then finally fall out, giving way to new hair.

Hair growth cycle by Marochkina Anastasiia | www.shutterstock.com
Hair growth cycle by Marochkina Anastasiia | www.shutterstock.com

But what happens when your hair stops growing the healthy way and starts breaking halfway through their stage? Breakage is when the hair/hair strand can sometimes appear blunt and looks like it’s ‘broken off’ and feels very rough at the end. Baby hair on the other hand is softer, less coarse and “pokey” and typically lays against the hairline as opposed to jutting out.

It can be a little tough to differentiate between the two, here are a couple of pointers you need to know:

What is the cause for hair breakage?

Breakage doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s years of consistent bad habits, lack of good products and nutritional deficiencies that could be responsible for these pesky strands. While it’s a no-brainer that heat and chemical damange are also a few of the biggest factors that ultimately leads to dry, unhealthy hair.

Hair breakage by yomogi1 | www.shutterstock.com
Hair breakage by yomogi1 | www.shutterstock.com

How to prevent it?

  1. Ditch the heat and styling tools for a while .
  2. Stop tying your hair in high buns or ponytails—this creates added pressure and pulls the strands which in turn makes the hair weak.
  3. Instead start wearing low hairstyles or styles where you minimise the use of tight rubber bands or hair ties.
  4. Don’t tug or brush your knots roughly. Instead take it section-by-section and brush it from the bottom to the top.

Products to invest in:

  1. Olaplex No. 2 bond builder—an in-salon treatment that helps put bind the broken bonds from any chemical, thermal, or environmental damage.
  2. MoroccanOil masks—that can be used in the shower as well as something pre shower with a hot towel for some added softness.
  3. Oil head massages—helps stimulates blood circulation, leading to a better distribution of nutrients to the hair follicle, in turn leading to healthy hair and boosting hair growth.

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