Samir Bangara, co-founder and MD of Qyuki Digital Media lost his life last year in a tragic motorcycle accident and one year on, the company found an incredible way to honour him and his legacy. Qyuki announced the launch of an exclusive musical NFT i.e. a Non-Fungible Token. They made this announcement at the All About Music 2021 annual conference and stated that this was in remembrance of him.

Abhimanyu Radhakrishnan, Managing Director, Qyuki said,

“We are thrilled to announce this initiative at All About Music 2021 and to be collaborating with WazirX NFT Marketplace to honour Samir’s memory. We miss him every moment and thus wanted to pay tribute in a way that cemented his legacy of being a visionary at the intersection of creativity and technology.”

What is an NFT?  

An NFT by definition is a unit of data stored on a blockchain and certifies digital files like photos, videos, and audio as unique. Currently, it is all the rage for using tech to sell digital art.

Vishakha Singh, VP WazirX NFT Marketplace shared,

“Samir Bangara was a legend, and he was helping and empowering creators with his company Qyuki by challenging the status quo. Since our NFT Marketplace launch, we have been focused on building launchpads for Indian creators.”
Late Samir Bangara, Co-founder and MD of Qyuki
Late Samir Bangara, Co-founder and MD of Qyuki

What Does The NFT Qyuki Launched Contain?

The NFT they announced has nine music tracks from the first season of Jammin along with a bonus video clip of the late MD & co-founder, speaking at the finale of the event. It will be available on the WazirX NFT Marketplace till Diwali. They have also gone one step further and pledged to donate the initial proceeds in entirety to Cuddles Foundation, an NGO that provides holistic nutrition to children fighting cancer. And the price for each NFT is set at ₹1,00,000 in whatever the equivalent is to cryptocurrency on that particular day.

Purnota Dutta Bahl, Founder & CEO, Cuddles Foundation shared,

“It’s great to see new technologies being used to promote both artists and charities like ours. We’re most grateful to Qyuki, WazirX NFT Marketplace and the artists for allowing us to be a part of this initiative. The money raised here will help us provide nutrition and care to children fighting cancer at SRCC Children’s Hospital in Mumbai.”

This is a huge step towards how all things art are going to be shared and it is in keeping with Samir’s visionary mindset that something like this is the way Qyuki  honoured his legacy.