Ever since I saw the trailer of Shiddat, I was totally looking forward to the film. Being someone utterly fond of romance, there was a lot I expected from this film and luckily, it impressed me. Starring Sunny Kaushal, Radhika Madan, Mohit Raina, and Diana Penty, Shiddat is a modern-day romance that has all it needs to be a good film. The right element of drama, romance, fun, heartbreak, all have been put together quite well.

Shiddat is a beautiful painting, and Sunny Kaushal is its highlight. Right from the trailer of the film, I knew that it will be fun to watch Sunny as Jaggi. However, Radhika as Kartika also truly surprised me. And before I tell you more about the film, check out its trailer here:

Things that I liked about Shiddat:

  1. Sunny Kaushal is a total charmer

Right from his first scene Sunny Kaushal as Joginder Dhillion aka Jaggi will win your heart. In fact, Sunny’s energy in the film is so contagious that it impacts other characters too in a good way. Jaggi is goofy, he is cute, he is a die-hard romantic, but moreover, he is a true lover, and Sunny has brought all these shades out so beautifully. Also, Sunny’s dialogue delivery is just too good, it totally sets the mood for the film and the best part is that his performance is so endearing that he will make you feel all the emotions that his character is going through. You can totally gauge the Shiddat that Sunny carries throughout the film.

2. Mohit Raina is quite impressive

As I said, the men have ruled Shiddat. While Sunny is the perfect happiness of the story, Mohit is what brings in the balance. As Gautam, Mohit has done a fabulous job in playing the brooding Government servant working at an embassy. The way Mohit has shown his emotions so effortlessly is quite wonderful to watch. His character’s graph in the film has been well played out. He is the hub where all the connections meet and Mohit makes sure to hold them brilliantly. Yes, he has shouldered the film to a great extent and that is truly because of his impeccable act.

3. Radhika Madan as Kartika will leave you stunned

Radhika has played the perfect Kartika to Sunny’s Jaggi. She has delivered a brilliant performance, not just in terms of the romance, but even when it came to drama, Kartika was truly worth noticing. In fact, Radhika is the other element that adds a beautiful shade to the new-age love story. I absolutely loved her and Sunny’s chemistry, but I also liked her strong portrayal as Kartika.

4. Sunny and Mohit’s chemistry

Yes, even though Sunny and Radhika have great chemistry in the film, it is Sunny and Mohit’s bromance in the film which is a delight to watch. Right from the way they meet to the bond that they share, it is a treat to see them in one frame. The way Mohit helps Sunny and the way Sunny changes his outlook is bro code goals.

Things that could have been better in Shiddat:

  1. Diana Penty is underplayed

Even though Diana Penty has done a fabulous job in the film, I wanted to see more of her. Not in terms of screen presence, but I wanted more depth to her character.

2. Mohit and Diana’s romance

While the makers have beautifully sketched out Gautam and Ira’s bond, I wanted to see more romance between them. Especially, after the film starting with their marriage, there was a part in me who waited for more of their story, but just got fragments of it in parts. Also, while their marriage is shown in turmoil, I really wanted to see them in some happy moments too, with things getting better.

Overall, Shiddat is a nicely woven story directed by Kunal Deshmukh and produced by Dinesh Vijan‘s Maddock films and Bhushan Kumar‘s T-Series. It is a film to watch if you are a die-hard romantic, for it reinstates your belief in true love.

My verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5.