One can always tune into Indian TV serials for some daily dose of drama and unapologetically rachet entertainment. The adrenaline rush you get while watching these shows is always on the ultimate high cause the plots change with each episode while the acting, the dramatic editing, and a background score for each cast member keeps you glued to the screen and increases your curiosity to know what will happen next. Some of our fave creators have quite aptly impersonated the characters that you are highly likely to find in almost all TV serials and they are almost uncanny so, scroll away.

Dhoom tana nanana, let's rock!

1. The Moo Dikhayi

Starting with the most important topic, people tend to judge a lot about a person from their appearance, and Dolly Singh here has perfectly aced it at introducing a character in a TV show. A pro tip, if you aren't too sure whether the character is a bahu or a vamp, just take a note of the size of her bindi. Choti bindi means bahu and badi bindi means vamp, it's that simple, hehe.

2. The Bahu

If the bindi isn't enough for you to spot the main lead a.k.a the bahu of the show, just look for the nicest person in the whole cast. If 'too good to be true' was a person, it would defo be a bahu from an Indian daily soap. This uncanny portrayal of a TV bahu by Karan Sareen, better known as @gorgeouspotahto on Instagram is way too good and totes on point!

3. The Vamp

Your bet should be on the character with the most OTT and a loud personality, exactly like how Kusha Kapila is here. When you see a woman enter with a sassy background score accompanied by way too many special effects and screen splitting, just know that the show's vamp has arrived. Ngl, our necks hurt when we see their expressions while narrating the dialogues. :p

4. The Beta

The male lead of an Indian TV show is exactly the kind of guy Poo from K3G would like to go on the prom with. He should be brilliant in three departments and i.e., 'good looks, good looks, and only good looks'. We love how even @sedoso_ is waiting for her very own Maan Singh Khurana, Arjun Punj/Singhania, and Arnav Singh Raizada to enter her life out of nowhere and sweep her off her feet just like us, hehe.

5. The Jodi

Hahaha, Ankush Bahuguna and Shibani Bedi have absolutely nailed it at being a couple in an Indian telly series. If we were to describe their romance in a song lyric it would definitely be 'no touching-no touching, only seeing-only seeing', XD. In the TV cinematic universe, romance equals roses, period.

Aren't these videos of creators impersonating and enacting the various characters from Indian TV shows so precise and detailed? We love how they never fail to entertain us. On a side note, with the corona cases on a rise again, we hope that you're taking all precautions and staying safe.