Ever had a moment where the trending Reel audios slowly grow on you and then eventually becomes your song of the day? Happens with me every time. Most creators have been using trending Reel songs for their videos and the one that is oh-commonly being used recently is ‘Lover‘ by Diljit Dosanjh. And why wouldn’t it be, it has just the most amazing beats and catchy chorus. Check out which creators made some amazing Reels on this track, right below.

Hymn along with me…

1. Anam Darbar

Anam Darbar shared this Reel which also features the very talented creator, Jigar Thakkar. That built-up to the beat drop and the dance moves in this Reel is just so awesome. Also, the highlight of this Reel is where Anam disappears for a jiffy and then appears, totally love it!

2. Mrunal Panchal

Mrunu grooving to the ‘Lover’ beats with bae, Anirudh Sharma is just the cutest part of the Reel. This creator also does mention that this shot, of the two of them dancing, was all done in one take. And well, that’s quite impressive.

3. Melvin Louis

Woah, Melvin Louis is absolutely nailing it with his choreography to this trending Reel audio. Tbh, those dance moves are so good and so smooth that I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched this Reel on repeat.

4. Manav Chhabra

Manav Chhabra a.k.a. Mr. Mnv shared this Reel which also features Ashi Khanna and it sure does make for a choreo that one can try out with their bestie. The ending of this Reel is super cute with Ashi just giving away that flying kiss and exiting the frame.

5. Ankush Bahuguna

Ankush Bahuguna slayed it in this Reel along with Shazeb Sheikh and I absolutely am in love with the dance routine. The way this duo has worked these dance moves like smooth operators, I am totally saving this one for future inspo.

6. Sonali Bhadauria

Sonali Bhadauria along with Nimit Kotian legit just sets that swagger vibe for this Reel. The duo have moved to the beats so amazingly well and those stunning transition shots have just enhanced this Reel to a whole new level, amirite?

So these were a few ah-mazing Reels by creators on the Instagram’s trending song, ‘Lover‘ by Diljit Dosanjh. All those fab dance moves, high energy and swagger vibe sure has gotten me pumped up to try this Reel out right away. I hope these Reels have been a dance inspiration factor for you too. Also, on a side note, I hope everyone reading this is staying safe and getting your vaccination shots booked.