Ankush Bahuguna and Shibani Bedi are simply fire when they collaborate for almost anything, don’t you all think so too? Their chemistry is just too electrifying and they are bound to kill it with every piece of content. Needless to say, this sapola and dim k’s Jodi is extremely amusing and entertaining at the same time. We just can’t get enough of them. Now, with the wedding season around the corner, scroll your way through their playful and hilarious videos that will make you want to fix the next ghar ki shaadi in no time, hehe.

So lets Band Baaja Baaraat!

1. Arrange Marriage Meeting

Having a meeting with your potential spouse for the first time is super awk, isn’t it? But not for these two, in fact, you can blindly trust Ankush and Shibani to turn even an awkward first meeting into something utterly amusing. We love how at ease these two are while creating content together. Their combined energy is almost infectious, isn’t it!

2. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Rofl, we love how these two have covered almost all minute details that happen in a pre-wedding photoshoot. The weird poses, the fake candids, the OTT romance, random backdrops, and the photographer’s commentary is all so on point. We have said it before and we will say it again, Ankush and Shibani’s chemistry is electrifying yet hilarious.

3. Wedding Performances

Hahaha, this is so accurate! The expressions, the absolute failure in executing the steps perfectly, the accidental attacks on each other while trying a tough step are totally on fleek. Who else wants to see them participate in Nach Baliye? We are sure they will defo take the trophy home, hehe.

4. More Performances

Well, the number of performances at a wedding can never be enough, amirite? So here’s another one by the hysterical duo again. This time it’s to set in the Bolly-mood. It’s not even funny how they always manage to be so accurate, it’s honestly beyond us! Shibani’s sparkly outfit and the fairy lights make this video almost veracious.

5. Guests

What even is a wedding, if there are no guests? And did you even attend a wedding if there are no pictures as proof, especially the candid ones! Fake candids to be precise, hehe. Shibani Bedi as every girl at a wedding is totes nailing it at having a gala time on someone else’s big day.

6. Wedding Film

Now that the wedding is over, it’s time for the most-awaited, after wedding film, which you’re most likely to receive after months of pestering the photographer, haha. But it sure is worth the wait, especially when it’s so damn funny. Ankush and Shibani should be arrested for being the prime suspect for making people die of laughter.  

Gosh, Ankush and Shibani are solely responsible for making my cheeks hurt so much, iykyk. They are one hilarious duo and there’s no denying that. Aren’t these videos really accurate? On the other hand, we hope that everyone is vaccinated and staying safe.