Honestly, Instagram has become such a huge platform that even people who used to shy away from it, can’t resist it now, amirite? Many creators and artists have shown new and different versions of themselves in the past few months. One of them being Addy a.k.a Aditya Kumar from the famous squad, ‘DamnFam‘. I follow his content religiously but lately, I saw a sudden shift in his content which made me go ‘WOW‘. For those who don’t know, he started singing and making dance Reels just for the love of his audience. So, scroll right down to see him humming and grooving!

Toh Jhumo, Aur Mere Sath Toh Nacho Gao!

1. Dancing in collab with Aashna

I must say Addy has left me in shock with his moves. Also, what better way to start dancing, than on trends along with a best friend? And if you noticed, he didn’t let that smile go off his face even for a second and that’s what really connected me to this Reel. Well done buddy!

2. Sing-along with him

Any guesses as to how many hidden talents does he have? I’m sure you’ll be at a loss of count. His soulful and impacting voice has literally given me goosebumps. I always hope his next post or Reel is of him singing and I hope that my wish comes true super soon. Do you have any wishes for him too?

3. Time for a solo performance

Hayee, men dancing in Indian outfits makes it 10x better, hotter, and gripping to the eye, isn’t it? Also, his steps are so damn crystal clear that I wanna start learning how to dance from him, hehe. At the end of the Reel, he shows the peace sign with his cute face, aren’t we all just like him?

4. First music video

One thing that I love about his songs is that his lyrics are so deep and meaningful that they can make anyone fall in love with his music. For a fact, ‘Bas Tu Dikhti Hai’ was his first-ever music video featuring the gorg, Aashna Hegde. If this song is not on your romantic songs playlist then you should definitely have a big FOMO.

5. In his natural habitat

Hahahah, this Reel is super relatable to me ‘cause it’s straight-up talking facts while dancing in family functions against dancing at a house party. The transitioned video is where he goes all out when it comes to dancing with a group of friends and that vibe is unmatchable. ‘Cause east or west Addy’s the best!

6. Songs that vibes with the soul

As Addy mentioned, this song really hits different but when he sings it tho, haha. The feels of this song are giving me chills. This video is an amazing combo of BTS and a Reel life, you will know this only if you watch his Reel. Lastly, I love how real, honest and unfiltered his content is which truly helps me know him better.

Done and dusted! But there’s more on his feed than these Reels for you to check out ‘cause I didn’t want to reveal everything, hehe. Along with singing and dancing, he’s also amazzzzingg at creating memes that will defo make you laugh. So, switch your apps right away. On a side note, I hope everyone is staying indoors at the same time getting their vaccine slots booked.