The fact that we always run to Instagram creators when we need tips and tricks on how to do things is undeniable. Parenting, cooking, beauty-related, or whatever content it is, we can always rely on creators for advice. One such creator is Shraddha Singh, whose content always comes in handy to all the mommies and fashion followers out there. She always keeps her followers in the loop as to how she attains a balance between motherhood and her career. So, we've rounded up some of her save-worthy Reels in which she gives some tips and tricks to cope with motherhood.

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1.  How to keep your toddler happy in a restaurant?

In this Reel, she's giving a perfect guide to managing kids at restaurants. Now, you know how letting them roam around, keeping them busy with starters, feeding them slowly and making rounds with partners are gonna keep them happy. We're sure that this Reel will help you deal with your stress when you plan to go to a restaurant next time.

2. How to travel with a toddler on a plane?

A peaceful flight with your kid may be the one in your dreams, but not anymore. In this Reel, Shraddha gives some useful tips to keep kids calm on a plane. Just by doing simple things like booking a flight around their nap-time, stocking up on snacks, getting a window seat and some more tips as given in this Reel are gonna make your job super easy.

3. How to calm a newborn baby?

Many mommies are likely to have confusion and doubts about calming their newborn babies. Holding the baby in a particular position as demonstrated in the Reel and gently wiggling the bottom can hush them in a flash. Wow, this tip is quite a useful one, right?

4. The best way to lose weight post-partum?

Unfortunately, new moms have to feel the unbearable inner pressure to meet the body standards set by society. In this Reel, Shraddha points out very clearly how important it is to not be under pressure mentally as well as physically. Doing things that make you happy is important. Having realistic expectations and taking your time is all it takes to achieve your body goals.

5. How to cut a baby girl's hair?

Shraddha is defo making motherhood easy for all the mommies out there with this Reel. Learning to cut the toddler's hair without seeking external help is an absolute need of the hour for new moms, especially during the pandemic. In this Reel, the whole process of haircut is explained in just three steps. Now, watch this tutorial and keep your scissors ready, hehe!

6. Breaking the myth about feeding babies!

Here, she's breaking a major myth according to which new foods should be introduced to babies by keeping a break of 3-5 days at least. However this is false, in fact, one safe food item like a banana or an avocado could be introduced per day. This way you can prevent your child from being too picky while choosing food in the future.

7. How to keep your babies entertained on the go?

When it comes to babies, snacks are the single answer for all the questions, hehe. We all know how kids love munching on snacks. Well, then what better way to keep your baby entertained than carrying some snacks everywhere you take them along with you.

8. Busting the myth about the need for colourful toys!

There exists a general notion that kids love only bright and colourful toys. But did you know that too much colour can cause sensory overload? All thanks to Shraddha for bringing this point to our attention. There is much more on her feed to check about motherhood. So, don't forget to skim through her profile right after reading this.

And that's it, we've come to the end of a collection of some super useful hacks for all the mommies out there. Don't forget to save these Reels and go through them, as and when required. On another note, we hope that y'all are staying indoors at the same time getting your vaccination slots booked.