10 Restaurants We Tried Food From & Loved Recently

10 Restaurants We Tried Food From & Loved Recently

Suruchi Patwary

There's a foodie in all of us, it just takes the right foods and right place for it to really come out and take over our other personalities. And anyone who knows me knows my heart lies in food—it's a big reason why I applied to be a Lifestyle Writer too! A major part of my job is to try new foods every other day, visiting newly launched restaurants and trying out their menu, experimenting with different recipes and just all-things-food. Did I just hear your stomach grumble?

Well, with a great job like this also comes great responsibility—the responsibility of sharing my experiences to help you decide where to eat next, what food to try next and the best places in town to visit for a lip-smacking meal. And so, I am listing down some of my favourite foods I tried recently from various restaurants in Mumbai that you should totally check out STAT! Scroll down to check out my recommendations.

1. The Greedyman Pizzeria

Favourite Pick: Peri Peri Fries

2. Pink Wasabi

Favourite Pick: It's difficult to choose one from all the things I ate here so here's a reel of all my favourites combined!

3. Super Naan

Favourite Pick: Garlic Naan & Paneer Lazeez

4. Gourmet On The Go

Favourite Pick: Stars & Stripes Bagel

5. Dilli Accent

Favourite Pick: Paneer Biryani

6. True Delights

Favourite Pick: Pesto Parmesan Pull Apart Bread

7. Hundo Pizza

Favourite Pick: Vegan Pizza Range

8. GOD Cafe

Favourite Pick: Sabudana Vada & Falooda

9. Boss Burger

Favourite Pick: Aloo Tikki Burger

10. Francesco's Pizzeria

Favourite Pick: Pesto Pasta

Just writing about these places made me hungry, I think I am going to go have a snack or probably order something from one of these places! Which ones have you tried before or wish to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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