The 'thoughts I had while watching' Reels by Apoorva popularly known as 'the rebel kid' will defo make you sing 'vibe teri meri mildi aa', hahaha. She is totally a star at creating relatable and fun content and this series is proof of the same. Needless to say, Apoorva is on her way to make it big as a Gen-Z creator and we're totes rooting for her to achieve so much more. And we're sure, she has some big milestones to cross in her journey as a content creator. On that note, scroll your way through these Reels and get some neck exercise done as well because you will surely be nodding it vigorously in agreement, hehe.

Let's Roll...

1. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Ahh, this movie despite all its flaws is a guilty pleasure for many, amirite? The flamboyant portrayal of love and travel is just insane and hits all the right checkpoints to twitch the audience's heart in the filmiest way ever. But these epic observations by Apoorva will surely change the way you see YJHD hereafter and unfortunately, you can't unsee it now, courtesy to 'the rebel kid'.

2. MisMatched

'Hello future wife', love it or hate it, you can't help but ignore this infamous dialogue from mismatched, hehe. We love how Apoorva has spoken our minds in this video as we're totes nodding our heads in agreement to all the thoughts she had while watching this series. This pinned comment under her Reel is exactly what we feel too, 'bol aap rahe hai, shabd hamare hai', haha so true!

3. You

Oh boy, Joe Goldberg is one problematic guy but you can surely give him a pass for all the things he did for the reasons mentioned by Apoorva in this Reel. Jk, we hope that you all got her satire, and are aware that 'You' is a show containing some scary series of events. A guy like him is exactly when you raise the red flags high above. That 'ghar kaach ka hai' point is so true tho, hahaha.

4. The Vampire Diaries

This has to be that one show which was on almost every teenager's watchlist. There would be a team Delena vs Stelena wars for heaven's sake, haha. Apoorva has rightfully mentioned almost all the thoughts we had while watching the show in this Reel. On a side note, have you seen the Indian version of this show called, 'Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahani'? You defo must if you haven't already, hehe.

5. Chhalaang

Two minutes of silence for all the kids who lost their precious on-campus school life owing to the pandemic, it hurts, we understand.  But this Reel by Apoorva is surely going to give you a glimpse into all things we felt while watching this movie and co-relating it to our school life. Apoorva, are you a mind reader by any chance?

6. Money Heist

This highly watched and loved series needs to be appreciated for keeping us sane and entertained in the lockdown. We are sure many might have also begun taking Spanish classes post-watching this show, hehe. Apoorva here too, went through a chain of emotions watching it like us, and oh boy how relatable are her thoughts!

Well, these were some relatable thoughts Apoorva had while watching these shows like us. Wouldn't you agree that they are all almost spot on? We absolutely love how accurate she is in all of these Reels. On a side note, we hope that all of you are vaccinated and staying safe.