Instagram is filled with an array of content that is perfect for every mood. And on this social media platform, there are a number of creators whose content is so good that it’ll defo leave you feeling happy. Team Naach’s Sonal Devraj a.k.a. bhaiyaji ismile’s content can not only uplift your mood and spirits but also get your feet tapping. Her collaboration videos have also been making some noise on the ‘gram and tbh, we can’t get enough of them. Scroll away to check ‘em out.

Let Nacho

1. Tainu Leke

Sonal recently collaborated with the very talented, Nikunj Lotia a.k.a. Be YouNick and this pair totally brought a refreshing vibe to the table. We love how they have such great chemistry and those moves were so god damn smooth!

2. Saawariya

During the festive season of Navratri, Sonal collab’d with Arjun Bijlani and Aastha Gill for this Reel on their latest song, Saawariya. Tbh, we have watched this one on loop for the amazing festive vibe of this Reel along with those stunning moves.

3. Bad Boy X Bad Girl

Raising the temperatures with this Reel here is Sonal along with Jigar Thakkar. Can we specially mention how each detail of this video right from the backdrop to the costumes to those amazing dance moves are just bang-on amazing.

4. Mehendi

Another one from the festive season, Dhvani Bhanushali‘s this track can make anyone jump and dance especially when that beat drops. We absolutely love the choreography in this Reel along with those amazing transitions.

5. Ranjha

This Reel has such a wonderful storyline which is quite apt to the song as well. And those moves by Sonal and Jigar along with this track can literally get you goosebumps. This Reel is one we cannot get enough of, can you?

6. Chura Ke Dil Mera

To have to dance on a Shilpa Shetty hit number from the 90s with Shilpa Shetty has to be a moment to cherish. And this Reel here has so much oomph and a happy vibe. As soon as the chorus starts, you just wanna join in on the hook step, or is that just us, hehe!

7. Paani Paani

How can this collab list be complete without having a Reel which features her fellow Team Naach co-founder, Nicole Concessao! This is one of our favourite Reel of Sonal and Nicole together, ‘cause every bit of this Reel is stunning, absolute loveee!

So here were a few collab Reels by the super talented, Sonal Devraj that were so good that we literally ‘saved’ them all for future dance inspo! This dance creator legit leaves us amazed and mesmerized with each Reel she creates and honestly, we already can’t wait to see what more she has in store for us. So keep slaying gurl! Also, on a side note, we hope everyone reading this is staying safe and booking your vaccination slots.