Ever thought about what the objects we use in our daily life would say if they could speak? Well, Sukriti Chaturvedi did it and her voice that she’s lent to various objects is bound to put you on a laughing marathon. Ngl, Sukriti has honestly opened our eyes and made us consider the feelings of these objects and we are surely going to see them in a new light from now onwards. On that note, scroll your way through the feelings of these objects, hehe.

Feelings ho toh aise

1. Mask

Here Sukriti is truly expressing what a mask feels when people use it as everything but not exactly how it should be used. Well, all we can say is that please listen to this mask and pehenlo please, while also making sure it’s the right way as its the need of the hour.

2. Sanitizer

We love how accurately Sukriti has managed to express a sanitizer’s feelings for completing one year of importance and totes losing its plot in the lives of the people now. Absolutely love how she narrated the dukhbhari gatha of a sanitizer before Covid, hahaha.

3. Yoga mat

What’s something that almost everyone wants but hardly uses? A yoga mat, hehe. You’re lying if you don’t have a dusty yoga mat lying in your room that you bought to start a healthy lifestyle ‘tomorrow’ which never actually arrived, amirite? Sukriti has totes nailed it at being a grumpy yoga mat for all the right reasons.

4. Treadmill

First thing’s first, a treadmill is supposed to be used for exercise and not as a stand for drying your clothes as rightly pointed out by Sukriti, hahaha, so accurate. Almost all of us have either joined a gym or bought a treadmill in the hopes of losing weight or getting fit but alas, couldn’t ‘cuz it’s not for just standing on the side and clicking selfies, hehe.

5. Pineapple

Have you ever considered a pineapple’s feelings before? Well, now you’ll ‘cuz Sukriti has made us realize how betrayed and sad it must be because of our ignorance towards an un-cut pineapple. On a side note, how Sukriti manages to be so minutely detailed yet hilarious is beyond us!  

6. Pakoras

We now realize how for granted must pakoras be feeling when we totes avoid them overall and only relish them in the rainy season, haha. Thank you so much Sukriti for throwing light on how we people blissfully ignore pakoras, otherwise. Brb, feeling sad with the pakora gang.

Well, Sukriti has single-handedly managed to make us realize that we should defo consider how objects we use on an everyday basis feel. They might not be living creatures but they do have feelings, hehe. On the other hand, we hope you consider a mask and sanitizer’s feelings from now on and use them the right way to combat Covid-19.