Exclusive: "I Have Earned A Lot Of Relationships On The Show," Says Bigg Boss 15's Evicted Contestant Vidhi Pandya

Exclusive: "I Have Earned A Lot Of Relationships On The Show," Says Bigg Boss 15's Evicted Contestant Vidhi Pandya

Nawaz Kochra

Bigg Boss is a game of personalities. While in season 15 we have seen different contestants with different shades, some managed to shine and some didn't. But out of the lot, actress Vidhi Pandya was one person whom I found to be very genuine. She played the game with a clean heart, but sadly, her journey was short-lived. She got evicted from the house last night, and even after just spending close to three weeks in the house, all Vidhi has is gratitude and no regrets.

In an exclusive interview with us, she revealed how the love she got from people was flattering and how Bigg Boss has changed life for her professionally. Here are some excerpts from the conversation.

On how she feels being out of the show...

I am still trying to sink it in, but I do feel very happy because my career had hit a pause. It was at standstill and this show has gotten me recognition, I can sense that through social media. I feel grateful to receive so much love from the people in this two and a half to three weeks journey. I never expected it to make any difference. I am an introvert, I wouldn’t mix around a lot, so it was difficult to open up on the show. I used to feel that I am a misfit for the show due to my personality, but Colors and Endemol signed me up for who I am. This is such a huge stage, it has some big artists and Salman (Khan) Sir, so I am filled with gratitude to even get this chance.

On the amazing memories from the show...

I had never seen this kind of love before, so it makes me emotional. There were so many beautiful things, I have earned relationships on the show. I never saw it as a game, I went with the idea to chill, make relationships, raise my voice against something wrong, but not to overdo anything to be in the limelight. I am glad that people didn’t feel my reactions were unnecessary during the fights with Pratik Sehajpal and Afsana Khan. My good memories are about the people I connected with, I hope to meet them once they are out. So many people were crying when I left, they even gifted me something. Karan Kundrra gave me his jacket, Jay Bhanushali gave me his monkey cap. Small gestures like these are very big.

On how Bigg Boss is a life-changing experience...

My life has changed! I will not lie that I have started receiving calls with offers, it might have happened if I stayed on the show a little longer. But the amount of love I see on social media, people making me a trend, is touching. I do feel there were a few people who were way behind me, but I don’t know why their name was taken. But I am a person with positive energy, I want to focus on work and I hope I don’t face a dearth of work like I have sensed earlier. I am a workaholic and I feel I deserve good projects.

On a parting note, Vidhi told me that even though she is happy to be back home with her family, she is missing the show very much and keeps watching the episodes and live feeds again and again. Well, I hope things are great for her hereon and I wish her all the best.