Okay hear me out, but isn’t a journey irrespective of the mode, incomplete without a travel playlist accompanying those picture-perfect views? Every destination reminds me of a song that sets the mood for the trip right away. Are you are looking for a perfect travel song to add to your Reels? Well, wait no more ’cause I am pretty sure you will find a list of feel-good songs here to add to your travel playlist. Yes, that’s right! Get ready as these songs featuring in creator Reels here will make you wanna plan on taking a trip now.  

Get ready to hum and add these travel songs to your Reels,

1. Larissa D’Sa

Larissa virtually transports me to different destinations with all her travel Reels. She strikes the right balance with aesthetics and songs. Here’s one out of many Reels that hit me right in the feels. Ranjha is the perfect song that captures the essence of all the slo-mo twirls and walks. Once you hear this song, I am sure you will not be able to resist making a Reel yourself.

2. Savi & Vid

Scrolling through bruisedpassports feed is like watching your imagined world come true. They explore the undiscovered and show picturesque views of the hills, snow-capped mountains, beaches, roads and much more. As the name suggests Aao Chalein is a song that’s all about travel and views. Once you hear it trust me, your ears will not be able to resist the wanderlust that this song evokes.

3. Zaid Darbar

Needless to say, if the name Safaranama is not enough for you to add it to your travel Reel. Well, then the lyrics, tune, and beats of this song are surely going to convince you to add it to your playlist. This song perfectly matches the natures vibe and is a must to everyone’s travel playlist.

4. Vishakha Fulsunge

Traveling to the mountains but don’t have a playlist to add to your Reels? Rider Girl Vishakha has got you covered. Chota Sa Fasana, a song that fits every traveler’s Reels in the hills and mountains. The words and tune of this song match the emotion on another level for me. If you don’t agree with me then watch this Reel now.

5. Manav Chhabra

Looking for some inspo for songs that you could add to your travel Reels that capture cute moments with your BFF or lover? In that case, #Unnav is here to your rescue. This couple is known for their cuteness and I just can’t stop saying ‘awww’ every time they create something together. Brb, need to find a spot to cry ’cause every time I hear Aankhon Se Chhu Loon and watch this Reel I cry about my single life.  

6. Aakash Malhotra

Aakash Malhotra, the boy who wanders with the sky is an explorer and a person who loves the mountains. The mashup song, Zaalima x Mast Magan x Rang Sharbaton Ka that this Reel feature is a cherry on top in this scenario, don’t you agree? This song is something that you would want to listen and hum to on repeat while enjoying your surroundings.  

7. Aarya Vora

From the day Aarya Vora started the solo expeditions she has never looked back. She is a source of inspiration to many when it comes to going on long journeys alone. Her content and choice of songs are so good that it virtually takes me to the destination instantly. Here’s a beautiful song, Baarish that I have been obsessed with for a long time now. Well, now I know my next travel Reel song, hehe!

Alright, time to come back to reality. I guess by now just like me all of you also took a virtual trip to all these lovely destinations with full feels. Honestly, travel songs compliment a journey ver well just like bread and butter. So, if you haven’t updated your travel playlist with these beautiful songs yet then do them right away. Also, on a side note, we request everyone to stay home and stay safe and avoid traveling unnecessarily.