Instagram is one platform that I can never get enough of personally. 'Cause it has made me a Reel lover in no time and I'm sure you're part of my team too here, haha. While skimming through the Reels section, I come across soooo many amazing audios and viral trends that keep me hooked to the 'gram. One such trend that really caught my attention is 'Mama Said' by Lukas Graham, have you spotted this one yet? If not then scroll away as this is just not a trend but a way of breaking stereotypes and normalizing other things too.

Mama Said That It's Okay!

1. Unnati Malharkar

All the girls who love wearing sneakers with dresses, this is defo a must watch for all of you so that you can send it to your parents later, haha. C'mon the times have been changing and so has the fashion game. It's always better to try and experiment with newer things than to follow the old traditional way, right?

2. Sanket Mehta

Everyone reading this repeat after me, let's normalize gender equality. It's important in today's day and age to be more accepting about such sensitive topics. We're super proud of Sanket for educating everyone about how it is okay for guys to wear nail paints and earrings, well done buddy!

3. RJ Abhinav

This one's on a funnier note so, all the Squid Game fans in the house, where are you at? It's one of the best combo videos I've watched on this ever-so-famous show. The doll from this show which has been used for idk how many memes now is now being used to say "Boys don't play with dolls", hahha get it? The creativity behind this Reel is ammaazzingggg.

4. Tarini Shah

Damn, this Reel just hit me right in the feels, 'cause I totally agree with Tarini on this one. No person should have thoughts like, will I be able to do this, what will people say, am I too young, am I too old, NOO! Do what makes you happy, successful and empowered as a person 'cause at the end of the day, that's what matters the most, amirite?

5. Agasthya Shah

This one's literally a mood booster. This Reel just reminds me of my childhood, all thanks to Agasthya. Back in the days, remember how we just hated sharing food with our friends and classmates? Exactly what our mama said too, 'cause nutrition is more important than sharing food, hahaha. Also, the biggest example of this is Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S 'cause Joey doesn't share food!

6. Kareema Barry

Kareema shows us the 'Indian-ness' in you, oh wait did you get that from your mama, hehe? Love how she jumped on this trend with her 'mama' itself. 'Cause all mothers are an inspiration to their children in different ways, haina? Also, I can't stop myself from mentioning this but Kareema, you look hella pretty in this Kurti!

7. Sukriti Chaturvedi

Honestly, Sukriti's 'mama' is straight-up talking facts about how clean the room should be, especially when guests arrive, lol. Also, the fact that nowadays children tell their parents about their plans instead of asking them, don't tell me you don't agree with on this 'cause I see the shift. Sukriti, next time ask your 'mama' before jumping on trends, hahah!

8. Apoorva

Giving constructive criticism to creators in their comments section is okay but commenting with hate on their pictures is totally unacceptable. Here Apoorva is speaking about how one can respond to hate comments in spite of being a public figure and with a lead example of Taylor Swift. Honestly, this is quite an inspirational one, Apoorva.

9. Sarah Hussain

Who's a sucker for food? I'm all game when it comes to food whether it's Chandni Chowk's chole bhature, Delhi's chaat, Mumbai's gol gappe or anything else too for food's sake. This Reel indirectly talks about how it's okay to have dreams and follow them passionately just like how SRK says it, "Dream Big".

Now mama said it's okay since this list has come to an end. Hope you guys learnt and enjoyed this read as it was thoroughly enjoyable for me. I love how creators always try to teach us through their content, it really helps in real life at times. On a side note, I hope everyone is staying indoors and booking your vaccination slots at the same time, Adios.