We love how creators respond to what their fans have to say. These creators answering some of the fan questions in the most epic yet hilarious way is what we love about them. Their answers will probably leave you amused and confused both at the same time. Needless to say, we absolutely love how they are totes being themselves and are completely at ease while answering these questions which makes it so much more enjoyable to watch. Well, scroll your way through these epic replies.

Let’s get the Q&A started…

1. Ankush Bahuguna

We absolutely love how easily Ankush Bahuguna has addressed this question. Do you want to know how a person can manage everything even while living alone? The simple answer is, ‘mat dekho’. Well, we do agree that if we give it a blind eye, the issue won’t be visible, problem solved, hehe.

2. Srishti Dixit

Well, the fan did just ask for advice and not on a specific topic so we do agree with Srishti that breathing and drinking water is one of the best pieces of advice that anyone can ever give. Based on this, we know that one can always turn to Srishti for any doubts or confusion. She has a solution for it all.

3. Vishnu Kaushal

Next time you’re almost on the verge to text your ex for whatever reason, please remember this video by Vishnu Kaushal, haha. Even without saying anything, he has given the best reaction ever to this question and in a way answered it too, wouldn’t you agree?

4. Mallika Dua

Oh my lord, who doesn’t want the answer to this most asked question since 2020. Well, Mallika Dua as ‘make-up didihas the most generic yet the most accurate response to this question and we can’t help but sigh ‘cuz it’s true. Brb, busy sobbing with my frundz.

5. Arun Singh

Omg, what epic replies! We absolutely love how Arun Singh a.k.a. ‘thejhumroo’ has answered all these questions in his own element. Also, next time you’re filming a video, make sure that you don’t forget to hit on the record button, hehe. After all, that’s exactly how you make a video, right?

Okay then, based on these answers and questions, what would you like to ask these creators? Also, these answers are totes epic, aren’t they? We love how these creators are so witty and hilarious. On a side note, we hope that everyone is staying home and booking their slots for the vaccine.