We love it when creators take inspiration from real-life situations and create content adding that generous dash of quirkiness. We’re addicted to Barkha Singh’s Reels cause of that relatability factor as well as the generous sprinkle of quirkiness. Ngl, there are times we’ve watched her Reels and realized that we’re not the only ones who think that way or do this. Check out Barkha’s Reels and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Scroll away…

1. Did you just call me aunty?

We have all been at this crossroad in life where children have gotten confused between the terms, ‘aunty’ and ‘didi’ while addressing us and have called us the former. Barkha’s hilarious tweak to this exact moment left us in splits. Also, loveee Tanya Khanijow in this one.

2. When the parents enter…

Here’s another moment we’ve all had in our lives. C’mon, admit it! We’ve all tried to watch ourselves try out a dance move in front of the mirror and may have been caught by our parents too and have possibly tried to act all cool, haha! This Reel is just absolute feels.

3. I remember…

This one made us laugh a bit harder ‘cause we’ve all been there, either trying to look at someone else’s answer or trying to help someone get the answers. And it’s often the part after getting caught in the act that can leave you in sweats at that very moment. Barkha’s Reel is so accurate it legit felt like a blast from the past.

4. Twist to the ‘Runway Aurora‘ trend

We absolutely love this twist to the ‘Runaway Aurora‘ trend. The inspo from the real-life situations is relatable to anyone who has grown with a sibling. The choice of trend for this Reel somehow just seems quite apt and perfect, doesn’t it?

5. Love the way you lie

All those who have grown up with strict parents and have tried to lie to them to go out, here’s a Reel by Barkha that you will relate to the most. Also, absolutely love this collab with Prajakta Koli a.k.a. MostlySane. We defo would like to see these two collab more often.

6. The ‘under the bed’ monster

OMG! The number of times we’ve done this sometimes without even realizing it is umpteen. And somehow while watching this Reel, as the hand goes towards Barkha’s leg gives us goosebumps.

7. The bathroom ghost

Ever had a moment where you watch a horror movie, and then visiting the bathroom itself can be a task thanks to your mind playing games with you? Happens to us every time!

So here were a few Reels by Barkha Singh that are high on the relatability factor and quirky as well. Each one of these Reels brought back so many memories. We honestly cannot wait to watch more such amazing and relatable content by Barkha. Also, on a side note, we hope everyone reading this article is staying safe and getting their vaccination shots.