”Hello beta, how are you?” These words are enough to give us the much-needed serotonin boost on a Monday. This obnoxiously ‘lovely’ character by Maya’s talented mother, Kusha Kapila called ‘Monday Aunty’ is exactly how a Monday is supposed to feel. No matter how far you run, you can’t get out of the chungul of this scary yet hilarious aunty and her extended family members including bebas beti, Tuesday taiji, demotivation didi, panoti baba, sasuma sachai, cholesterol kakki, January jijaji as well as her business partner, mattam amongst many others, hahaha. Honestly, we can never get enough of Kusha’s terrific writing. Scroll through these videos for a crazy laughter riot with some reality checks on the side.

Lovelyyy, let’s begin…

1. ‘Bebas Beti’

Ahh, what do we do about this tanhaai? ‘Cuz because of it, Monday Aunty is now aware of how we all wasted our last year. We absolutely love how she doesn’t hold back from putting us in our place every time. Oh boy, we really need a drink post listening to this reality check, guess we’re ordering a ‘pumpkin spice latte with two teaspoons of ajgar too’, rofl.

2. ‘Demotivation Didi’

Oh, dayalu’, lol. That ‘50 alarm set karne waale’ line really hit home, haha. We absolutely love getting our wings cut by Monday Auntycuz, despite her obnoxious words, she is indeed lovelyyy, haina? We would like to thank Kusha for keeping our ‘zindagi ka quality index’ in check with her one-of-a-kind script. Always remember that you can never give chakma to this aunty, hehe.

3. ‘Business Partner Mattam’

Monday seems like the hardest day of the week for almost all of us, right? We’re sure you’ll most probably be nodding your heads with an un-dropped tear in your eye at this point, sigh. Brb, busy printing ‘iss baju waale angle se mai bilkul hi botox lagti hu’ on a T-shirt, lol. On a side note, are you ready to get bajaoed by dandiya’s too from Wednesday onwards? Hehe.

4. ‘Panoti Baba’

Thanks to Panoti baba, we got to see this yet another epic Monday Aunty’s wishful thinking, yay. This sukh is temporary and ‘better’ is such a tassali waala word is so true. Unfortunately, we again have to admit that, yes owing to our favourite ‘next Monday’ excuse, our life’s graph has really gone on sick leave. Sniff.

5. ‘Irony Eye’

‘Mama mia, isme toh aur aag lag gayi’, hahaha. How relatable is this! Count on Monday Aunty to humble you down in the most hilarious way possible. On a side note, we really do need that ‘feel-good waala fake fan’ from time to time too though. Off-topic but most of Monday Aunty’s one-liners deserve to be on a T-shirt, don’t you agree?

6. ‘January Jijaji’

Of course, ‘heavier than usual traffic is no surprise on a Monday’ and this afati Monday Aunty strikes again as the much-needed ego buster. We absolutely love how she manages to keep our egos in check every time. This line, ‘saala ho ya saali, kaam churai ke paise toh dene hi hoge’ is why we’re busy crying today, lol.

7. ‘Balance Baouji’

Indeed, by now humme Monday aunty ki lat lag gayi hai, hehe. This is one ted talk that we can hear all day long, how ironic! Despite being ‘heartless’ this aunty has legit le gayi our dil, haina? On another note, it’s bizarre how we love her as opposed to what her character is supposed to be. Lovelyyy.

Alright, we would love to know how’s your Monday going and how much has Monday Aunty helped you cope with it. Ngl, we wait for her to drop such truth bombs ‘cuz it’s just too good. On another hand, we hope all of you are staying home and booking your vaccination slots.