If you need some serious #TravelGoals then you’ve got to follow Aarya Vora on Instagram! She regularly goes on solo travel adventures and blesses our feed with breathtaking views from all around the world. Apart from being a solo traveller, she is also an actor, a classical dancer and a social activist! Recently, she went for a solo trip to the Himalayas in her Thar and after looking at the serene pictures and videos she shared, we just had to know more about the trip. So we reached out to her to get some recommendations on where to stay, must-visit spots and lots more. Scroll down to check it all out!

Aarya on her trip,

Since travelling solo helps me explore the real me, I recently decided to take a trip to Himachal Pradesh and visited some of the most beautiful towns and valleys located in the Himalayas. I started my trip from Mumbai in my Thar and drove across multiple states. The main stops during this trip were Kasol, Manali and Spiti Valley along with a few other lesser-known towns on the alluring hills of Himalayas.
Aarya Vora
Aarya Vora

1. Did you find a hidden gem during this journey?

Manali in itself is full of touristy places but there is a hidden gem, as I like to call it, named Jibhi Valley that I have to mention first. It is a few hours away from Manali and it’s absolutely worth visiting. It is near Kasol and Manali yet remains quite unexplored and peaceful. The main attraction for me in Jibhi were the tree house stays that give such a calming and beautiful vibe to experience!

2. Speaking of tree house stays, do you have any favourite places in Jibhi Valley you stayed at that you’d recommend?

If you’re planning to visit Jibhi Valley and looking for recommendations on where to stay, the Blue Stream Cottage and the Hidden Burrow Jibhi tree house are a couple of my favourite stays that I fell in love with!

3. What about Manali and Spiti Valley? How was your experience there?

Coming to the Manali and Spiti Valley area, some of the best places to visit are Kaza, Langza Village and the last post office in Hikkim. While I was driving through these areas, the roads of Spiti Valley were so adventurous and thrilling to be on. It gave me the kind of kick I am always looking for on my solo trips. If you are someone who loves the mountain as much as I do, these towns will give you an experience of a lifetime!

4. Where should one stay/visit when in Manali and Spiti Valley?

There’s so many cosy, dainty little stays and beautiful spots that come to my mind when I think of Manali, Spiti Valley and all the other little towns I visited in between. Here are a few of my absolute favourites that you should totally check out the next time you are there.
Himalayan Country House in Manali
Lekarze Guest House in Kaza
The Himalayan Cafe in Kaza
Zhiwa Ling Dhankar Monastery
Sonam Guest House in Tabo Village
Tab Exotica in Kalpa
Samaa Resorts in Chitkul

5. Lastly, can you pick three places that were the highlight of your solo trip to the Himalayas?

Oh man, this is a tough one but I think the town of Kaza in Spiti Valley, Langza Village in Spiti Valley and the Last Post Office in Hikim really stayed with me and I cannot wait to go back and experience it all again!

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