Seeing Indian content creators achieving milestones globally makes us super proud of them as they make our nation proud too. One such creator that has gone the onward and upward road is Mithilesh Patankar popularly known as Mythpat, who has been nominated at the International Streamy Awards 2021. He is the only YouTuber who has been nominated twice in a row for this award and this surely is a proud achievement for him. Wanna know more about this supremely talented creator and gamer, scroll down and read!

About his content

Mythpat is a gaming influencer whose content is known for its uniqueness and entertainment quota. With over 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 10 million subscribers on YouTube, he has managed to keep us all hooked to his content with his humour and amazing mimicry. He is defo transferring the gameplay scene in India by bringing gaming and entertainment communities under one roof.

His latest achievements

He was nominated at the YouTube Streamy Awards alongside a few other creators from across the country such as  Anasala from Saudi Arabia, Enaldino from Brazil, Mikecrack from Spain, and Tokai from Japan. The YouTube Streamy Awards is a video award program to acknowledge and honour the best online videos, including direction, acting, production and writing. Can't emphasize enough but, he is the only Indian YouTuber who has been nominated for this award for the second time. That's not all the list of achievements continue as before this, he became the first Indian gamer to collaborate with Marvel Studios where he had a fun conversation with the Marvel Superhero Simu Liu. He also launched his first gaming and entertainment podcast in India on Spotify called 'The Mythpat Podcast'. Looks like Mythpat is totally on a winning streak, amirite?

Here's what Mythpat has to say about  being recognized worldwide,

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me and my content. I couldn't have done it without their love and support. It is an honour to be nominated for the International Streamy Award twice in a row. I have always been passionate about mimicking, and merging this with my gameplay hobby which helped build an unconventional career. This nomination is emblematic and I am probably creating a good taste which further motivates me to entertain people with the right content. I am looking forward to winning it this year and representing my country. It is a huge responsibility to maintain universally engaging content and I look forward to the challenges ahead.

We highly agree with Mythpat as he is taking content creation to another level. He defo is a game-changer in the Indian content creation industry, don't you agree? We hope he keeps achieving many great milestones and keeps growing and making India proud. On a side note, I hope everyone reading this is staying home and is safe at the same time booking your vaccine slots.