Instagram has grown to become a social media platform known for its entertainment factor. Creators have been making some amazing content to post on the platform and each one of them have been amping up the creativity game too. Recently, a number of dance creators pulled up some popular songs from the 2000s and made some mind-blowing dance videos around the same. Scroll away to check ‘em out.

Ready. Set. Scroll.

1. Awez Darbar

Awez Darbar created this Reel on the occasion of Eid and we love how he has used this popular song from the film, Fanaa to make this amazing video with his mom, Anam Darbar and Nagma Mirajkar. The transitions at each beat drop, is mind-blowing, isn’t it?

2. Shruti Sinha

This feel-good song from Wake Up Sid has such a happy and nice vibe. We love how Shruti has taken snippets in a way that’s representing different moods. Also, the sudden breaks into those dance moves also seem quite apt in this Reel, don’t you agree?

3. Nicole Concessao

Gotta trust Nicole to create some amazing and surreal dance Reels that leave you mesmerised. This dance Reel on the beautiful track, Sajdaa from the movie, My Name Is Khan has such graceful moves. Tbh, we lost count of the number of times we watched this one on loop.

4. Sonali Bhadauria

Sonali Bhadauria sure does know how to make a wholesome experience for us through Reels. She makes sure that not only are the steps but also the set-up and attires on-point. We absolutely love this Reel by Sonali which also features Asha Dsouza and Pooja Parmar.

5. Melvin Louis

Melvin Louis’ this Reel on the famous track, Kangna, is full of swagger moves and we can’t get enough of it. Elina Hsiung and Melvin’s synced choreo is absolutely a treat to watch. You should defo check it out asap.

6. Sameeksha Sud

We’re so amazed by the start of this Reel, from when the finger moves in the forefront to the two of them dancing at the back. Also, the song, Saree Ke Fall Sa just has this amazing energy and vibe that we can’t stop loving this Reel.

So these were a few of the dance Reels by creators that were on the popular tracks from the 2000s. These songs were the ones that we grew up listening to hence, they’ll always have a special place in our hearts. And the amazing and generous sprinkle of dance moves in these Reels is just worth a save for future dance inspo. On a side note, we hope everyone reading this is staying home and safe.