Whenever we see something, like a ball-pen or a box of coloured pencils, it instinctively stimulates all our nostalgic brain cells. Sometimes we even go to the kid’s stationery sections to see all those old goodies we used to have. Ahh, the word ‘school days’ itself takes us back to most of our childhood memories. Now, when creators on Instagram make Reels about those good old days, we can’t help but watch it over and over again. We must say that they’re blessed with talent and creativity when it comes to cheering us up with their wholesome content. If you’re one of those people who looks at their school with dewy eyes, you might as well watch these extremely hilarious and nostalgic Reels by creators.

So students, take out your ‘Nostalgia‘ textbook…

1.  Kusha Kapila

Do you remember the teacher’s fave in your class? If not, Kusha is here to remind you of that person. Being the teacher’s most favourite student equals bragging about it to others. It can even get you the dream title of every student which is ‘The Class’ Prefect Kid’. But one thing is very true that these kids work very hard. Their daily task list includes running to the next class when the chalk is over to grabbing things for teachers when they accidentally drop something to sitting on the front bench, and actually listening to the lecture with their eyes wide open, and the list goes on, hehe!

2. Krutika

You can’t lie about this ‘cuz we’ve all done it when we were young. Getting a chance to go out of the class when the teacher is teaching something is much like getting a ‘Golden Ticket’. If we don’t get a chance, we make it by faking an urgent toilet situation, isn’t it? Now, we’re sure that your eyes are filled with nostalgic tears. Sending you virtual towels to wipe your tears.

3. Dolly Singh

This Reel by Dolly is absolutely on point. The competitive spirit of each house is shown so accurately in this Reel. All the mocking and cheering up our teammates, just ran into our minds in a flash. The best thing about it all is that, whatever happens on the playground, stays on the playground, hehe. Even when we used to mock other teams, we all knew very well that every team was amazing in their own way.

4. Agasthya Shah

This Reel reminds us of the time when teachers used to throw chalks on us when we laughed or talked in the middle of the lecture. No matter how slowly we talked or how hard we tried to hold our laugh, teachers managed to point it out every time. After all, they used to stand in front of us after a lot of preparation, and they defo wouldn’t want their hard work to go in vain.

5. Tarini Shah

Remember how our memory used to leave our brain right at the moment we received the question paper. This Reel totes reminded us of the examination hall and everything that happens inside there. Sometimes when we try to remember an answer to a question, our brain automatically starts to play our fave song, and the lyrics get stuck in our head. Much relatable, right?

6. Kareema Barry

If this Reel doesn’t remind you of your ‘Bachpan Ka Pyaar’, then we don’t know what will! Here, she is accurately depicting the scenario where we tried our best to initiate a conversation with our crush, almost all of us have been there, haina?

Now we’ve come to an end, fellas. So how much did you enjoy this nostalgic ride through our school days? On another note, we hope y’all are strictly adhering to all the Covid-19 norms and are keeping yourselves and your families safe.