There's music for every mood and I often hit the play button to soothe myself down. There’s nothing quite like listening to your favorite songs, amirite? We see creators explore and excel in different fields of entertainment. Singing and songwriting is one of them and Tanzeel Khan is no stranger to music rather he is known for releasing some super-duper hit songs. Speaking about his songs, recently he released his first-ever special seven-track debut album 'Dastaan' which is a story of a journey full of emotions from happiness to sadness to pain and love. And I am sure you absolutely don't wanna miss out on any of his songs.

Well, that's not all, our starboy also came out with his own limited edition merch line 'Pause/Play by TK'. Now, get ready with your earphones to hear the first 2 songs of TK's album right now.

Get ready to go on a musical ride,

1. Yeh Dil

The first track off TK's album ‘Yeh Dil’ is a song that hits me right in the feels! As the name suggests this song totes has all my heart. The hip-hop and emotional vibe of this soulful song is so good that it defo will make you wanna hit the replay button pronto. Tbh, if you haven't heard this song yet then tap here to listen now.

2. Khwahish

'Khwahish' is the second track of his album and it holds a super special place in Tanzeel's heart. This song was released yesterday and in no time it has received so much love from TK's fans. This beautiful melody is all about that special feeling that you get when you are with your loved ones. Gosh, every time I hear this song I get butterflies in my tummy, did you hear it yet? Click here if not!

Releasing Soon.....

Here's a list of all the seven tracks of Dastaan and I just cannot wait for these songs to release soon and sing along all day. Well, if the first two songs of TK's album have melted your heart already then just imagine how the others would be? Tanzeel has surely made all of us proud and I just wanna hear his voice over and over again. On a side note, don't forget to stay safe and book your vaccine slots along with listening, singing and grooving to these songs.