How much of our valuable time do we spend investing in material items that don’t bring us joy or peace over extended periods of time? There’s no denying that we feel joy indeed but it is fleeting and then we chase the next thing on that list to feel the same high all over again. So then do we ever stop and think about maybe, just maybe investing in items that can help us take better care of ourselves?

And when it comes to gifting others as well, they might feel more grateful for receiving an item that adds long term value to their life. I know I’ve grown to be less materialistic and the items I invest in also reflect this new change in my life. So I thought since the festive season is upon us and gifting solutions are all the rage, that I should put together a list of items that people don’t often consider to give one another as gifts but would surely light up the other’s life in some way. Scroll on for more.

Here are a few self-care gifting options that would do wonders for all the important people in your life:

1) Gel Eye Patches

For days when you’ve had to pull an all-nighter and need to refresh, rejuvenate and hydrate your under-eye area.

2) Skincare Tools

Because who doesn’t need beautiful, glowing skin. Using skincare tools reduces inflammation and stimulates blood flow in the face.

3) A Box Of Tea

A gifting solution for every Indian. Pick a selection of tea that you think the other person might enjoy. And if they need rest, relaxation and a good nights sleep then you already know what their box of goodness needs.

4) Bath Products

Bath time is sacred time and nothing relaxes a person quite like a warm soak in a tub filled with colour bath bombs, bath salts and a nice heady mix of scented body washes or soap.

5) Silk Essentials

Everyone deserves to add a little silk to their lives. A silk pillow cover that reduces knots while you sleep. A silk scrunchie to reduce breakage of hair and a silk eye mask to cut out light pollution and allow for a night of sound peaceful sleep.

6) Stationery Kit

Pretty sure everyone loves stationery but you’re going to love this kit more because it comes with its very own adult colouring book and you know what the papers have seeds, so when you are finished you can plant them in pots. OMG! Is this the best gift that will nurture two hobbies at once? Looks like it could turn even the least creative individual into an artist of some form.

7) Healing Crystals

This is a very personal gift and I only recommend this if you’re very close to a person because it would mean you have a deep understanding of what is lacking in a person’s life to want to gift them crystals. For e.g let’s just say your loved one lacks the sense of gratitude and abundance, you could gift them a raw Citrine crystal for their desk table. This crystal opens stuck financial channels and attracts abundance.

8) Journal

Humans will always be more grateful when they can count their blessing and what better way to do so than put it down in writing. Get yourself and your loved ones a cutesy journal/diary that allows them to spring for their goals and keep track of their daily whims and needs.

9) Scented Candles

A scented candle not only adds to the look and feel of the decor in one’s space but can also help you calm down. Certain scents and smells can really bring peace and tranquillity to one’s space and it doesn’t hurt for them to be attention-grabbing either.

10) Handmade Soap

Anything handmade always feels extremely special. What better way to show your loved ones you care than by gifting them a box of handmade soap to enjoy during their sacred bathing time.

What are some gifts that you would like to give your loved one this festive season? Let us know in the comments below.

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