I have seen Rohit Roy deliver exceptional performances in movies like LOC Kargil, Delhii Heights and the very recent Mumbai Saga. Little did I know that there’s more in store for us?

Now, as per a report in Midday, Rohit will be seen making his International debut for an Indo-British Sci-Fi movie, Screem. He started shooting for this project in the midst of a pandemic last year and will be seen playing the role of a software businessman. His versatility brings out the potential in him to excel in every role considering his previous performances and we can expect the same from this one too. I’m sure all of us have been a fan, haven’t we?

Talking about the project helmed by Sam Bhattacharya, Rohit shared,

“Screem is based on artificial intelligence. There were many restrictions. We shot some songs with local dancers, and the only worry was shooting without a mask.”

With Bollywood stars making their way globally, here’s an addition I’m really looking forward to watching. Rohit has definitely shown wonders and surely Screem would also create a history to remember in his career. Don’t y’all agree?