Music is a love language for the soul and we totally agree! Whenever we feel any kind of emotion we tend to resort to music as it always manages to calm our nerves. Soulful music has the ability to take you to a different mind-space altogether. So, all the music lovers in the house, we have some awesome news for you. Here’s a list of feel-good songs featuring some of our fave creators. So, get ready with your earphones to hear them and don’t forget to add them to your playlist, pronto!

Time to increase the volume!

1. When I’m Alone

Can we take a moment to appreciate Ananya Birla’s new single, When I’m Alone! Clearly, this music video is super special ’cause it highlights Ananya’s transitional journey very beautifully until now. It is filled with so many real emotions that it instantly hits us right in the feels.

2. Give Me Up

Looks like September was a musical month for Ananya. Well, she surely did not give up with one track! Her latest single, Give Me Up is not only trending on the internet but also in our hearts. It’s the kind of song that you will continue to hum hours after you are done listening to it. If there was an award for, ‘The Unstoppable Singer’ then Ananya sure would have won it.

3. Yaadein

Who else thinks that Anirudh Sharma has superpowers for being awesome at everything he does? We sure do! Right from his first song Tom Cruise we knew we needed more videos of him singing. Well, looks like our wish came true as Ani released his first music album #MyLifeInVoiceMemos. That’s not all, his first song of the album, Yaadein is trending and we are complete fans of this heart-touching song. Can’t wait to hear other songs of his album super soon.

4. Qurbaan

Qurbaan is a beautiful love story song that we totally got addicted to it in no time. Aadil Khan and Avika Gor’s amazing on-screen chemistry was looking so real that we could not take our eyes off their acting. If you are in the mood for a good love song then this is your go-to so, check it out right away!

5. Shaka Laka Boom Boom

With over 12 million views, Shaka Laka Boom Boom has been trending because of its peppy beats and groovy dance moves! The concept and location managed to keep us glued to our screens. Honestly, Jass Manak and Nagma Mirajkar together made this music video a super-duper hit. Can’t wait to watch them create more tracks like this in the future.

6. Mehendi Te Vavi

This traditional song with the modern twist will do full justice to our Mehendi Raat, amirite? We absolutely love how dreamy the music video is with such a happy ending. Mr. Mnv and Simran Choudhary’s acting here is just too good. Also, what can we even say about Jonita’s voice? Overall this music video was super-sae-upar!

These awesome music tracks really made September soulful for us! Tbh, we keep playing these songs on loop and still don’t get tired of them. On a side note, stay safe and get your vaccines slot while listening to these trending songs.

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