If you’re still a lil' doubtful about what you’d be wearing on Diwali this year then look no further ‘cuz Komal Pandey’s memo serving festive fits have got you covered. She's stunningly gearing up for the festivities and is all set to eat ladoos, arent you too? We're totes loving her Reels and outfit inspirations. First things first, let's begin the dress-up season with a lil' dancy dance, hehe.

Isn't she so cute? Anyway, scroll your way through her Reels and see how she slays like the brightest diya on the darkest night with her one-of-a-kind outfits.

Shimmy your way through the shimmery glam!

1. Filmy Fits

Woah, this gorgeous woman never fails to bedazzle us with her aesthetics and mind-blowing video concepts, amirite? Needless to say, old-school Bollywood songs and Komal Pandey's mesmerizing ideas are way too good to go unnoticed and we are totally in love with her bling along with her moves.

2. Festive Only Fits

With transitions so-on-fire and such breathtakingly brilliant execution, you’ll really want to sing 'apne hi range mein mujhko rang de’, hehe. Komal is truly a pataka when it comes to festive styling 'cause it's totally her thing and we love to see her winning every year with her 'bomb' ideas.

3. Not-So-OTT Fits

As Chandler Bing would say, on second thought the synonym for Komal would be 'perfection'. On contrary to the song she has used we would like to sing sweet songs about how much we love her elegance on top of our lungs, hehe. Komal and her festive glam go hand in hand just like Diwali and lights, right?

4. Saree Fits

Oh boy, Komal looks like a dream in a saree. The song, the sarees, the styling, the transitions, the mood, and most importantly the concept, it's all just too good and we can't stop watching it on loop. On another note, she also got some great music recommendations to add to our playlist apart from the stunning outfits inspo, don't you think so too?

5. Dainty Fits

By now, we just wish it would be Diwali every day so that we could be served with her fascinating festive styling on a daily basis. Thank you 'Kween' for blessing us with your grace. We're sure that you'll agree when we say that Komal is a true fashionista, right?

6. Choose Her Fit

She has already helped us with so many options to try out this Diwali, now it's your turn to help her pick an outfit to shine like the star she is. If we were to pick, it would defo be the fourth one. We're sure she would look drop-'red' gorgeous in it. Seriously Komal, how are you so damn perfect?

All we can say now is, kaala teeka and rab rakha for this pretty human being. We are absolutely in love with all the outfits and gorgeous videos that Komal has blessed us with, this festive season. Out of 10, we will totes give her 10 for her creativity, wbu? On a side note, we hope you'll celebrate this Diwali with your friends and family while also keeping all Covid-19 protocols in mind.