Instagram Reel audios aren't just good, they're the best. We absolutely love listening to them and the truth is that most of the songs in our current playlist are the ones we came across on Reel audios. Another thing about these audios is that sometimes it reminds us of some songs that we used to listen to in our childhood. Songs like 'On the floor' by JLo and 'Wildest dreams' by Taylor Swift are what we grew up listening to and they make us feel quite nostalgic. So, we decided to make a compilation of some of these amazing songs. Scroll your way down to know which are these songs and feel free to add them to your playlist pronto, hehe!

So are y'all in for this music therapy?

1. Locked Away by R. City

'Would you still love me the same?', this is the part of the song we're all gushing over. Don't we all love it when the lyrics of a song hit us right in the feels? This can be the song that you play while chilling alone in your room. Ngl, Ashi Khanna totally looks like a 'golden baby' here.

2. Might Be (Remix) by DJ Luke Nasty

This trending song is literally stopping everyone on the 'gram, haha! We're not kidding, in this trend, people actually stop whatever they are doing and start dancing when the song is played. We love how Radhika Bangia hopped on this trend and added a pinch of humor to her Reel. Not only is the song trending it has also found a place in our hearts and playlists.  

3. In My Mind by Lyn Lapid

Looking for a Reel audio to compliment all the aesthetic aspects of your life? Well, you've landed the correct one. This isn't just a Reel audio, you can even add it to your travel playlist if you want to listen to some soothing songs when you go on a long trip. Needless to say, Ahsaas Channa is always a winner when it comes to giving us some bright and refreshing content, haina!

4. Praise God by Kanye West

Here's a song that is motivating and soothing at the same time. We're sure that all the music lovers out there are planning to check it out right away, because, why not? We can never say no to a song that can give us our daily dose of motivation. Diksha Rawat used this song to flaunt her transition skills and 'we're in LOVE'!

5. Life Goes On by Oliver Tree

Netizens recently found this Reel audio that can be added to almost all kinds of videos. The song has this energy that boosts our moods instantly. Here Anmol Sachar used the audio to make a Reel to which all the overthinkers can relate.

6. Secret by The Pierces

It's time to dust off some old songs and Instagram 'understood the assignment', hehe! 'Secret' is a song that widely gained currency during the Halloween season. Creators used this audio on their transitional videos and we can see Aashi Adani winning at this trend like a pro.

So have y'all added these songs to your playlists yet, or are you planning to? We hope you guys enjoyed this music therapy session. We'll surely bring more to you. So, stay safe by taking all the necessary precautions to fight Covid-19.