Someone rightly said marriages are made in heaven! Seeing Simran Bhatia and Shammi Sharma's magical wedding, totally made me fall in love with them. I'm so excited to see them start their adventure together as #SimShaMiAmour. Yes that was their wedding hashtag too. For all those who don't know 'Mi Amour', it means 'my love' in French. They literally make me go 'aww' and 'wow' at the same time with all their wedding videos. So, scroll down with me and let's see their magical chemistry. <3

Lights, Camera, Magic!

1. The Proposal

OMG, this has to be one of the most creative proposals ever. So, Shammi recreated all their best moments and conversations from the day they met in just 2o minutes, like WOW. And the sign that said 'BE MY WIFE' with all the crackers was defo the highlight of this entire proposal.

2. Rokafied

The Roka ceremony was one of their first functions that was no less than a fairytale. They both looked so deeply in love that I just could not take my eyes off them. Shammi's speech for Simran totally made us go 'awwww'. Also, I love how colour coordinated the entire ceremony was, right from their outfits to the decor, it just gave me the royal aesthetic feels, wbu?

3. The Wings Party

There was a time when Simran told Shammi that she wanted to marry someone who doesn't take the wings away that her mom and dad had given her. Shammi being a sweetheart said, there's no question of taking that away in fact he wanted to be one of her wings. And that's how the theme of this party was 'Wings Party'. Ngl, the day I saw this I immediately saved it for future inspo only 'cuz I loved everything about this Reel from the song selection to the outfit and even the dance steps.

4. Sangeet Readyyy

Firstly, 'Tumse Milke Dil Ka' from the movie 'Main Hoon Na' has to be the ultimate song at any Sangeet function 'cuz its complete feels, amirtie? This blue-themed ceremony looks super glamorous and glorious. I loved how Simran made this day super special for her and her parents 'cause of her emotional speech. To watch that, you will have to skim through her feed right away!

5. Mehendi Hai Rachnewali

Let me tell you, just like any other bride-to-be, Simran too applied Mehendi a day before the actual function. The detailing of her Mehendi is so perf that it defo gave me some design options. Tbh, Simran those 6 hours of being glued to the chair was so damn worth it, hehe!

6. Waiting for the Baraat be like...

Simran expressed her eagerness to meet Shammi right before their pheras through one of the most beautiful songs sung by Falguni Pathak, 'Maine Payal Hai Chhankai'. The lyrics she sang totally show how excited she was. Also, she left me in shock with her melodious voice, aren't you too?  

7. The D-Day

And then the day which Simran had been waiting for forever, finally arrived! Also, I must say her wedding lehenga is no less than a dreamy outfit for all the brides-to-be, amirite gurls? She's absolutely looking phenomenal in this outfit. One thing that absolutely didn't go unnoticed is how all her functions were so aesthetically pleasing to the eye with everything so colour coordinated.  

8. Ending it with a Reception

This entrance was nothing less than surreal, and the song, Saudebaazi goes so perfectly with the vibe of this Reel. This might be the end of all the wedding shenanigans but it's a start to a beautiful journey ahead and I wish they live happily ever after, forever and always.

And there comes an end to an amazing fairytale wedding. However, #SumShaMiAmour will stay in all our hearts forever. I hope you guys were virtually transported to their wedding functions, just like I did. Simran and Shammi congratulations once again. On a side note, I hope everyone reading this is staying home and safe while booking your vaccine slots.