From Nakul Roshan Sahdev's Rawness to A Gripping Storyline, Here Are 5 Reasons Why ALTBalaji’s Girgit Is A Must Watch!

From Nakul Roshan Sahdev's Rawness to A Gripping Storyline, Here Are 5 Reasons Why ALTBalaji’s Girgit Is A Must Watch!

Nawaz Kochra

During the pandemic, the OTT space became the knight in shining amour for most of us, including me. And the medium is a magical one, for, it has no dearth of content ever. With so much content being around a show that has lately gotten me hooked is ALTBalaji’s thriller obsession Girgit. The 7 episodic series is so addictive that you will want to watch it in one go. Starring Nakul Roshan Sahdev, Ashmita Jaggi, Trupti Khamkar, Taniya Kalrra, Samar Vermani, Ashish Tyagi, Shahwar Ali, Aleksander Illic, and Kajal Shankhawar, the show’s storyline totally lives up to its name.

What I like about Girgit is the unpredictability of the story, you never know what twist awaits you, but yes, the stellar performances from the cast also make it quite an interesting watch.

Here are 5 reasons why I think you should watch Girgit:

1) The Storyline

Girgit’s story is a total nail-biter, there are so many gripping moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Other than this, the twists and turns with Ranbir getting threat calls to ransom calls will only pique your interest to find out what’s next.

2) Nakul Roshan Sahdev as Ranbir

Nakul who plays Ranbir is the oh-so-charming Casanova, who will totally steal your heart. But what I also love about him is the way he has gotten into the skin of the character. From his looks to his stance to his dialogue delivery, everything is on point. In fact, it is Ranbir’s rawness that will make your streaming experience worthwhile.

3) Trupti Khamkar as Mahi

Trupti Khamkar as Mahi is another reason why you need to watch Girgit on ALTBalaji. We have usually seen her in comedy roles, but her different avatar in this one is quite refreshing to watch. Even though Mahi is naïve, her layered performance will make you think otherwise and boy, she will surprise you.

4) Taniya Kalrra as Shamoli

Taniya is the silver lining of the show, one cross-connection changes her and Mahi’s (played by Trupti Khamkar) life. And I loved how Shamoli cashed on to this opportunity. What I absolutely loved was her daredevil stance, Taniya performing the action on the show is truly a delight to watch and I must say throughout the show, the actress looks stunningly gorgeous.

5) The Location

Girgit which has been shot in Manali and Mumbai will leave you enthralled with its visuals. The Manali locations in the show are simply breathtaking, but at the same time, they are intense and totally add to the thrilling element of the show.

Having said that, I would like to give a special shout-out to Samar Vermani as Inspector Rathod, Kajal Shankhawar as Candy, Shahwar Ali, and Ashmita Jaggi as Avantika, for making the story as amazing as it could get.

Well, I can totally watch Girgit all over again, maybe I will, over this Diwali weekend. And I think you should witness this madness of their world as well, for all the warnings end when you click that play button to stream Girgit on ALTBalaji.

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