Tips To Plan Your Diwali Playdate

Tips To Plan Your Diwali Playdate

Barkha Chawla

Diwali is the festival of lights and is a celebration of good over evil it’s an exciting time for kids and adults alike. Diyas, Mithais, and new clothes are all synonymous with Diwali celebrations and all of this makes it worthwhile to wait a whole year for the festival. Here, I’m sharing a few tips to keep in mind while planning a Diwali Playdate for your kids.

Keep the decor kid-friendly:

It’s advisable to use electric diya instead of the traditional diya. Try to use artificial flowers or fabric flowers in place of real flowers. Make a flower petal rangoli rather than the powdered color one so that even if the kids step on it, your house doesn’t get messed up.


Don’t have overly sweetened desserts:

Sugar tends to give kids a sugar high and makes them hyperactive. Try to find desserts that are mildly sweet or even laced with gur or honey. Try to make sweets at home there is nothing more safe and hygienic than that. Ensure the kids are washing their hands before they get on the table.


Keep activities ready:

Get on Pinterest and find a few activities appropriate to the age group of the kids you’re hosting and keep them ready before the kids arrive. This will help you streamline the whole playdate. Our favorite activities are Diya coloring, DIY Garland, Diwali Crafts, etc.


Green Crackers:

Let’s aim to keep our environment pollution-free and burst only green crackers. Crackers are known to cause stress to young children, animals, and senior citizens. Make sure children are bursting crackers only under adult supervision. Don’t forget to keep a water bucket handy in case of accidents.


A few general tips to keep in mind:

- Keep diyas and candles away from curtains and electrical points

- Keep a first-aid kit ready

- Try to limit smoke and noise pollution

- Limit the use of firecrackers

- Keep windows and doors closed if you have pets and infants at home

- Buy crackers only from trusted stores

- Properly dispose of the burnt crackers

- If you’re allergic to smoke don’t step outside

- Avoid wearing synthetic and flowy clothes

- Dress up your kids in comfy clothes and tie up hair while bursting crackers

- Have a fire extinguisher handy

Let me tell you how I remember my Diwali from the time when I was a kid, Dressing up and getting a kharchi was my favourite part of Diwali. I recall getting up early in the morning getting dressed for office puja with my dad, coming home and decorating the house with my mom, eating Kaju Katlis, and bursting crackers with my brother and friends in the evening. I love Diwali and hope I can create lifelong memories around this festival with my daughter too!  

Hope you have a wonderful Diwali and take good care of yourself and the people around you. Team MissMalini wishes you abundance, love, and lots of luck this Diwali.


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