Since Diwali is the festival of lights there’s no better way to decorate your home than fill it up with a ton of candles and strings of lights. We all crave warmth and the cosy vibe that we chase in restaurants but what if I told you there are plenty of ways you can bring that energy into your home? Especially if you’re on a budget and don’t want to invest in real flowers only to have them whiter away a few days after.

If you like adding colour to your decor then opt for uniquely shaped candles in funky shades or keep it classic with the whites. You can even get Urli candles and after done using you can clean them and fill them with water and add floating flowers and lights that could be a permanent fixture for your home decor. And of course, these are lazy people hacks but if you like a little DIY, then melt down old candles and pour them into coconut shells, old tins, old glass bottles anything you like really.

Candles can really set the tone and mood of this season but what makes the investment worth it is the mood-lifting scents that they come packed with. And you don’t just need to light these during Diwali, use them after when you’re meditating or just trying to enjoy some relaxation time to yourself. Can’t say I’m not overjoyed to see so many brands have cropped up making really interesting types of candles, so there’s definitely something for every type of person. Scroll on to check out the list of brands that have recently caught our eyes.


Here are 10 brands that make beautiful and quirky candles that will instantly elevate the vibe of your home:

1) Lumierly Candles

2) La Lumière

3) DOFT Candles

4) Aroma India

5) Veeda Candle

6) House Of Vallo

7) Method

8) Sukhatva

9) The Lilith Store

10) Artisan Lab

What are some unique candle brands that you know of? Let us know in the comments below.

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