Bigg Boss 15 has entered its second phase and while some have dropped out of the race, we also saw new entries last week. Amongst the recent wild card contestants, we saw Neha Bhasin and Raqesh Bapat from Bigg Boss OTT enter the house last week. But sadly, Raqesh had to make a sudden exit from the house due to medical reasons. According to a report in Entertainment Times, Raqesh had to be taken out of the show and get hospitalized after he started experiencing pain due to kidney stones.

In last night’s episode we saw Raqesh on a dinner date with Shamita Shetty and today, this has happened in the Bigg Boss 15 house. Well, I hope Raqesh gets better and bounces back in the game in all good health. On the other hand, even Afsana Khan has not been seen in the house, and I wonder if her last night’s outburst has led to her ouster from the show. For those who don’t know Afsana had a violent reaction in the house last night.

As per the live feed, after Umar Riaz did not choose her for the VIP zone, Afsana felt betrayed and started hitting herself. In this rage, she also picked up a knife to harm herself. Now I wonder if Bigg Boss has reprimanded her for this behavior and shown her the exit door or if she too has been away for medical assistance.

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Only tonight’s episode will give me and you clarity, but till then keep watching this space for more.