MX Original Series Matsya Kaand brings alive the daredevilry of a genius conman, who locks horns with the tenacity of a shrewd cop, and what ensues is an intense game of catch me if you can. Revolving around the artist Matsya Thada and the badass cop ACP Tejraj Singh, all episodes of this intriguing con thriller will stream for free, from 18th November.

There are no two ways about how brilliant an actor Ravii Dubey is and what I like the most about him is that how he strives to be the best in his craft. Taking challenging roles one after another, his next web series Matsya Kaand is surely worth watching. OTT giant MX Player is bringing to us the riveting story of a man who painted his cons with sheer brilliance, aptitude, and charm. The 11 episode web series portrays the story of a glorious con artist who has performed the country’s most unique and biggest heists and yet managed to slip past the cops.

And before I tell you why you absolutely need to watch, Matsya Kaand, check out the show’s trailer here:

Here are 3 reasons why you need to watch MX Players latest offering in the OTT universe:

1) Ravii Dubey in 11 different avatars

Ravii Dubey as Matsya Thada

This is by far the most creative project of Ravii Dubey, for the actor, has undergone some serious transformation – not just physically in terms of looks but also in terms of body language and voice modulation. But what amazes me, especially from the trailer is that we will see Ravii in not 1, not 2 but 11 different avatars in 11 episodes. What is also impressive is the way Ravii has juggled these various transformations. Matsya Thada looks unrecognizable and unbelievable in every avatar he dons and his preparation for this layered role is what makes it worth watching.

Talking about his role, Ravii said in a statement,

A master of disguise, a charmer, and a smooth talker with a sharp brain –the journey of playing the genius conman Matsya has been exhilarating. This one show had me essay so many-layered roles and truly challenged me as an actor, making me test my own versatility. I really hope that this complex character strikes a chord with audiences across the nation and I can promise you this narrative will keep you hooked to your screens.

2) Ravi Kishan as ACP Tejraj Singh

Ravi Kishan as ACP Tejraj

Every con artist ought to have a super-cop who acts as an obstacle in his ‘kaands’, but ACP Tejraj is different. Not only did I find Ravi Kishan’s cop-avatar daunting, but also very impressive. Ravi Kishan aka ACP Tejraj is a cunning, ruthless, and focused cop whose biggest strength is that he can think just like his targets and he doesn’t fear going against the system to justify a means to the end. Well, even though Ravii Dubey donning so many avatars is exciting me, I am totally rooting for ACP Tejraj who is on a mission to nab the con artist.

3) The Cat and Mouse chase

What I always love about con-thrillers is the thrill element it has and this noir theme one is surely the edge of the seat kind of story that I would want to binge-watch. I am totally looking forward to witnessing the cat and mouse chase between ACP Tejraj and Matsya Thada. Especially, after having Matsya tell the ACP in the trailer, ‘aapki naak ke neeche se nikal jaunga aur aap ko pata bhi nahi chalega’ this is a chase I am looking forward to.

Well, MX Player is totally going to change the game in the thriller genre with this one. Another amazing thing about Matsya Kaand is that it has been shot across Delhi, Meerut, Sambhar, and Jaipur. The series also stars Piyush Mishra, Zoya Afroz, Madhur Mittal, Rajesh Sharma, and Naved Aslam amongst others in key roles. It is directed by Ajay Bhuyan and will stream exclusively on MX Player from 18th November.

Honestly, I would recommend you to stock up some popcorn for this honorable gentleman thief won’t let you blink even for a second. And don’t forget, he is not a kaatil, but a kalakaar whose charm will only stun you, so embrace yourselves.

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