Today, if my screen time has increased then the internet is to be blamed, hehe! We love how so many creators are not only killing it with their spunk, style, creativity, and spontaneity but are also owning moments by unlocking great milestones in their field this year. That’s not all, while watching their unique and relatable content, I find myself saying ‘That’s Meee’ all the time. So, here’s a list of some of those creators who are inspiring and influencing their fans. Well, they legit have been ‘Owning It Now’ just like you can on the Roposo app.

Check out the bosses of the creator world!

1. Aanam Chashmawala

OMG, Aanam launched her own beauty brand called ‘Wearified‘ on the first of October 2021 which sells high-performance lipsticks, isn’t that so cool? I am absolutely in love with the vibe of her brand being all about a comfortable version of yourself while being honest and transparent. In short, the brand is here to truly make a difference, and I am totes up for it.

2. Malvika Sitlani

Say what! Even Malvika Sitlani has ventured into entrepreneurship with her own new brand called ‘Masic Beauty, i.e. Malvika + Basic, how cool, right? It’s all about beauty, cosmetics and personal care so if you’re up for some pampering sessions and self-care routines, you know where to go. She very recently launched her brand around the month of August. The idea behind this was to make luxury feel easy, pocket friendly at the same time experience simplicity like never before.

3. Komal Pandey

What do I even say about this fab creator, there is no denying that Komal Pandey is totes a style icon and she’s nailing the fashion game. I absolutely love her aesthetically pleasing videos with the right Bollywood music. You have to agree on this with me, her styling tips are legit out of the box. Now imagine if I said that you can shop and own the same outfit that Komal has? That sounds pretty cool right, well this is possible on the Roposo app so what are you waiting for check out the app here and start shopping now!

4. Prajakta Koli

Tbh, words fall short for this powerhouse of talent here. Prajakta Koli better known as ‘MostlySane’ is ruling almost all social media platforms with her infectious vibe. She is totes making the ‘Dum Dum Army’ proud every single day. She has also ventured into entrepreneurship recently with the launch of her own merchandise. The recent one being ‘Shame Less‘, get it?

5. Ananya Birla

Ananya Birla is an amazing performer, achiever and dreamer. Her songs are what I look for when I am in need of much-needed positivity and upliftment. Her recent songs named, ‘When I’m Alone’ and ‘Give Me Up‘ are on loop for me since the time it was released. I am sure that she is an inspiration for many like me, ain’t she?

6. Krishna Jackie Shroff

This strong and beautiful woman right here stimulates me to stay fit and be consistent every time I watch her content. I always look up to her for the much-required fitness inspiration. This year she also received an award for ‘Fitness Influencer Of The Year, 2021’ and we’re super proud of her as she totally deserves it!

This list is full of amazing content creators who are owning every moment on the internet with their passion and entertaining content. So, what are you waiting for See now. LIVE now. Shop now. Own it now on Roposo!

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