Tbh, creators across social media platforms have legit made our lives so much easier with their content ideas and hacks that it helps us to re-create and try out ourselves. One such creator whose feed we love to scroll for some much-needed inspo is Larissa D'Sa whose 'Art With Larsa' series is our absolute fave when it comes to creativity and craft. From clothes, shoes to makeovers, Larissa got your back for some really cool and good DIY ideas. You should totes try them out to add some colour and adventure to your life. Ngl, it's also quite therapeutic. Now, scroll through her masterpieces to make one of your own 'cuz the 'Earth' without 'art' would just be 'eh', right?  

Time to face the mosaic!

1. DIY Cut Out T-shirt

This V-neck cutout T-shirt is so easy to make and we're sure that if you try it out, you'll totally rock it just like Larissa. We absolutely love it when content creators show off their creative side and surprise us with all that they can do. Now, what are you waiting for? Get some scissors and DIY right away!

2. DIY Lapel Pins

We bet you'll absolutely love to try this one out. All you need is a bit of hot glue, some crazy designs, and tada your lapel pins are ready to amp up your OOTD's. It's so simple to make and totes unique just like the one-of-a-kind creator, Larissa D'Sa, isn't it?

3. DIY Pineapple Sneakers

Ngl, we're totally tempted to be a bit 'sneaky' and copy these cool pineapple sneakers by Larissa, hehe. Aren't they really cool? We can't wait to try this idea for ourselves and we're sure that you are just as excited. Brb, heading to the stationery shop to get some paint.

4. DIY Watermelon Pillowcase

Ahh, isn't this idea just amazingggg? All you have to do to try this cute DIY is to cut a potato in half and create watermelon-shaped motifs on a pillowcase. Once your base is ready, all you have to do is to get some green and black paint for the rind and the seeds. We're extremely impressed by Larissa already.

5. DIY Bucket Lamp

Ever imagined that you can turn an ordinary bucket into something so beautiful? No cap, this is absolutely beautiful and soooo creative. We're sure that if we weren't aware that the lamp is made from a bucket, we could've never guessed the raw material used. Needless to say, Larissa is truly a woman with many talents.

6. DIY Center Table

Woah, Larissa made this gorgeous center table using a car tyre and some rope. Honestly, we're fully in awe and find it to be one genius work of art. We can't help but applaud the creativity behind this. Needless to say, the art and the artist both are absolutely beautiful, amirite?

7. DIY Wall Painting

All we can say is, gorgeous. By now we're out of words for all the art Larissa has made. It's absolutely beautiful and we love how she has executed it so well, wouldn't you agree too? On a different note, this colourful wall is what we need in our life to get over all the 'blues', hehe.  

8. DIY Balcony Makeover

Safe to say that this DIY idea feels like the cherry on top of the cake. Tbh, this balcony makeover has fully taken our heart and we're not complaining. You should totally save this one to try out when needed. It's defo worth it!

Larissa has absolutely nailed all these DIY's and we honestly can't wait to try them all out and what about you? On a different note, we hope you're staying safe indoors and getting your vaccination slots booked.