As social media platforms keep booming with every passing day, the matter of safety on these platforms have become a matter that seems to hold great importance. Instagram has recently launched two campaigns focusing on the online safety of young users of the app. ‘Safe Stree’ and ‘My Kanoon‘ are the two campaigns which will feature content creators from different genres, who can create multilingual content to help and educate users from across the country.

More about Instagram‘s campaigns…

Safe Stree

Safe Stree is a campaign to help spread the awareness regarding the safety features available on Instagram. This amazing campaign has been launched by the social media platform in partnership with Yuvaa, a youth media and insights company and Pink Legal, a platform that helps women understand their rights and laws. Safe Stree will be divided into two parts and will last for a month. The first is a 6 part training program for creators on how to build a more inclusive online space, while the second is a content series on Reels, focusing on the safety features for women on Instagram. Creators like Amritha Surresh, Poornima Ravi, Antara Naina Roy Majumdar, Tanya Appachu, Maitrayanee Mahanta and Samruddhi Patil will be contributing to the 30 Reel series on @weareyuvaa by posting in their own native languages.

My Kanoon

My Kanoon is a campaign educating users about the legal rights and protection available to them. It is in partnership with Nyaaya, an open-access legal information platform and We The Young, a youth media organisation highlighting stories of young Indians. With the help of this campaign, the young users will be informed about Instagram’s safety controls as well as help them to take informed legal steps and interact with the justice systems accordingly. This campaign will go on for 3 months, with over 50 long and short content pieces on topics like bullying and harassment, child sexual abuse and more, shared by young content creators. This content will be posted on @wetheyoungindia as well as @nyaayaorg‘s accounts.

In Instagram‘s series of content-led initiatives, Safe Stree and My Kanoon are the latest additions. Through these campaigns and with the help of the organisations, together they can challenge gender stereotypes and help contribute to creating a safer and kinder space for women. On a side note, we hope everyone reading this is staying safe and getting their vaccination slots booked.