Saif Ali Khan: 'It's Always A Pleasure To Work With Rani Mukerji'

Saif Ali Khan: 'It's Always A Pleasure To Work With Rani Mukerji'

Shivam Mishra

Hum Tum and Ta Ra Rum Pum duo, Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukerji are back in business and I am super happy to see them together again sharing the screen space. The stars have reunited after almost 12 years and that too for the most interesting and comic roles of Bunty and Babli in the sequel to Bunty Aur Babli. The very idea of them playing the original characters itself is exciting so I wonder how amazing the film is going to be. Both the stars have previously worked together, so there's no question of not getting along for them. As per an ETimes report, Saif Ali Khan recently spoke about working with Rani Mukherji.

He said:

It's always a pleasure to work with Rani. She is a livewire on the set and her energy has always been infectious. So, I was thrilled that we were coming together to work again because I knew it would be a mad, fun ride with Rani. It was exactly what I expected it to be and the shoot was a breeze. I think we were badly behaved on the set - cracking up at each other's jokes and comments constantly, laughing when people told us to be silent, and just being brats on the set while getting ready for a shot. I think we were kids on this set and trust me we were a handful.

Saif went on to explain that when two people, who get along really well, are catching up, they tend to have the hunger to deliver great work again. Bunty Aur Babli 2 is the sequel to the 2005 original by the same name. This one will also see another pair of youngsters playing Bunty and Babli as well and the roles will be portrayed by Siddhant Chaturvedi and Sharvari Wagh.

This film has me eagerly waiting for its release, what about you?