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Winters have finally graced us and it’s time to get your comfiest hoodies and beanies out. There’s nothing like a cosy evening curled up binge-watching your fave show. Cold szn also automatically means doubling up on hydration, I know I do! Whether it’s my face or my body, hydration is always on an all-time high. But, psst! There’s one thing you and me BOTH often overlook, and that is taking care of your lips.

Winter often leaves us with excessively dry and chapped lips that just won’t stop flaking. Is it just me or do you end up in that spiral too where you pick on flaky lips and just can’t stop? Yeah, that’s what happens when you don’t bother showering some TLC on them when they need it the most! As clichéd as it sounds, the key to saving your lips from winter wrath is ‘MOISTURISATION, MOISTURISATION AND MOISTURISATION’ (amongst a few other things, of course!) Fret not, because we’ve curated a special lazy girl guide for cherishing your lips, here’s all you need to know…

Dial Your Water Intake Up A Notch

While this may sound like a classic cliché, it’s the first step towards ensuring your pout is in the pink of its health, literally. We tend to consume a lesser amount of water when the climate around us is cooler than usual. That’s a big no-no! Drinking water at regular intervals throughout the day will cause all the dryness to disappear in a jiffy.


Lip Balms Are Yo Buddies

There’s absolutely nothing better than a good ol’ lip balm that moisturises your lips, leaving them all supple and soft. However, just applying it once or twice a day will do no good. Ensure you’re reapplying your lip balm every few hours to provide every ounce of care to that pout of yours. What’s even better is a balm with some SPF! Um, lips need sun protection too.


STAHP Picking On & Licking Your Lips

Yep, we know your lips are feeling drier than usual. So what do you do? You lick them, don’t you? What if we told you that’s causing them to become drier? That’s correct. The temporary feeling of your saliva over your lips might make them feel moisturised, but actually, it’s the opposite that’s happening. They’re becoming parched! When this happens, you feel like picking on them, no? Don’t even think about it if you want to keep them safe from infections.


Don’t Hate Just Exfoliate

We’re certain you have a weekly exfoliation ritual with only the best products to reveal squeaky clean skin, but do you have the same ritual for your lips? Chapped lips often tend to flake and cause the skin to peel off because the moisture’s missing! However, instead of stumbling down the rabbit hole of picking your lips, choose to exfoliate them gently instead. Watch ‘em get softer, pinker & healthier!


Bid Adieu To Mattes

In the era of wearing masks throughout the day, I’ve developed a newfound love for my matte lipsticks, after all, they refuse to budge! Well, matte lipsticks tend to have a thicker consistency and an intense drying effect which can enhance your already chapped lips. Opt for creamy lipsticks or tinted lip balms instead.


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