Over time, Instagram has been our happy place with 'baby fevers' of different degrees. From @theyeetbaby to @littlechefcade and, now to a dancing baby, the journey has been quite exciting. The video of a cute baby swaying his shoulder in excitement has been living in our minds rent-free ever since it's gone viral. The truth is that most of us have even saved this video to watch it on loop, amirite? Creators on Instagram always know what to do with such viral clips. They're yet again proving it by adding this baby's clip to their relatable Reels. We're sure that you're gonna love these Reels. So, start scrolling right away!

Sway your way...

1. Manav Chhabra

Ahh, the moment when we get two packets of masala in a single-serve pack deserves a good shoulder dance for sure, right? Just as the extra masala adds more taste to our noodles, this baby's video is adding more cuteness to this Reel.

2. Mrunal Panchal

Who doesn't feel thrilled when their boyfriend compliment them? In this Reel, Mrunal is telling us how excited she gets when Anirudh Sharma compliments her. They are absolute couple goals, wouldn't you say so too?

3. Kritika Khurana

She's always a winner when it comes to hopping on trends with her quirky twists. Instagram has hit an all-time high with the number of Reels in which girls say how happy they are when boys say they don't use social media. So, there's no denying that this Reel is extremely relatable.

4. Sameeksha Sud

We're sure that you all are screaming sameee after watching this Reel. It's defo a different kind of pleasure when someone calls us Bhabhi and, Sameeksha is speaking our minds in this video. Also, how does she always manage to keep her expressions on point? Ngl, watching her shy away in this video has turned our cheeks red.

5. Krutika

It is safe to say that she knows how to keep us hooked with her funny and relatable content. Here, she's accurately depicting the excitement when our friends agree to eat that extra food on our plate. And of course, right after she states the situation, the baby picks up the baton like a pro and maintains the mood.

6. Anmol Sachar

Here's a rendition that goes by the saying 'food is life.' It's very much true that we all get excited when we receive a notification saying 'Your food is arriving soon.' This Reel is totes making us reach out to our phones and order some food online.

7. Sunny Chopra

This Reel is for all the money-savers out there. He's accurately showing us, how we end up giving a lil' treat to ourselves on our birthdays even tho we're broke. Ngl, we can totally relate to this Reel. (Insert sobbing emoji)

8. Radhika Bangia

This video defo transported us to our childhood days. The feeling we get when our siblings are punished for something we did is just unexplainable. Now we'd like to take this opportunity to say sorry to all the siblings and, we're sure that you will accept it. After all, we're kins.

So, did you also have that smile on your face while scrolling through these Reels? We know you did, hehe! You should save one of these Reels to watch them in the future, 'cuz the dynamic moves of this baby can instantly amp up anyone's mood. On another note, don't get too busy shimmying that you forget to book your vaccination slots.