Sometimes we think about what would our lives be like without Instagram filters and it feels like it would most probably be quite boring. Ngl, Instagram has changed the way we see the world. Filters somehow add a new light to our pictures that change them into something extremely beautiful and pleasing to look at. Now, just like every Friday, we’re back again with some really fun and amazing filters for you to try out and amp up your selfies with. Scroll your way through these and save them already.

Check ’em out…

1. Monday – Huji Pro* by Puneet Sharma

Huji Pro* by Puneet Sharma 

Any Huji filter in the Instagram filter gallery or otherwise is our favourite by default. It somehow adds the right amount of saturation to our selfies and takes it up a notch, haina! This particular filter called Huji Pro* by Puneet Sharma comes with so many light leak options that you’ll defo save this one right away.  

2. Tuesday – Vintage Glam by Natasha Luthra

Vintage Glam by Natasha Luthra

This vintage glam filter by Natasha Luthra effortlessly gives you a full face of makeup which totally justifies its name. It also has two options to choose from based on your preference of glam and honestly how can you not love something so easy yet fun and not to mention, so sparkly.  

3. Wednesday – Vintage by Vidhi Shrivastava

Vintage by Vidhi Shrivastava 

You can never get enough of vintage filters and here’s another one by Vidhi Shrivastava. This is supposed to make you look like you’re in one of those old classic movies and we’re absolutely in love with the vibe of this one. Isn’t it too chic and artsy?

4. Thursday – VIVI ! by Yadit Acharya

VIVI ! by Yadit Acharya 

This filter is called VIVI ! by Yadit Acharya and it will brighten up your selfie in a jiffy. Now, this is exactly that filter you’re looking for to click your everyday selfies in. We love how easily it adds the right percentage of light and simply makes you shine bright.

5. Friday – VISCO C1 by Manasi Gude

VISCO C1 by Manasi Gude

Isn’t this filter quite different? There is some rawness to it that makes it look so aesthetic and unique. There is an added green tint and it defo adds some kind of positivity to your selfie making you look fresh and all set to seize the day.

6. Saturday – just Lush by Larissa D’Sa

just Lush by Larissa D’Sa 

Aptly named by Larissa D’Sa, this filter has a lil’ grainy effect that makes your selfie look exuberant and fun. It’s simple and can be used at almost any time of the day to post that one insta worthy click. Needless to say, Larissa understood the assignment and passed with distinction, hehe!

7. Sunday – Kodak by Harleen Kaur

Kodak by Harleen Kaur 

This one will take you back to the ’90s and make you reminisce the photographs from your childhood taken 0n a Kodak camera. Not only did Harleen win at providing us with a beautiful filter but she also took us back to the good old days with this one, amirite?

These were a few filters we loved this week and couldn’t help but share with you all like we do every Friday. You should totes try these out and save them already to nail all your selfies and keep your instagame strong. On a side note, we hope that you’re vaccinated and staying safe.