Powerful Affirmations to Teach Your Child

Powerful Affirmations to Teach Your Child

Barkha Chawla

Affirmations- They’re powerful and plant a seed of positivity and possibility and help cope up with any form of anxiety. It’s more important now than ever to keep a check on your child’s emotions and mental health well-being. We can teach children to use affirmations to help boost their self-esteem, confidence and even help with creative thinking. Before you teach them affirmations, try affirming them yourself, hug your baby look in their eyes, and say, “You’re smart, you’re loved, you’re enough.”


Affirmations are basically reinforcing positivity and resiliency in your kids. They are a positive self-talk tool that can instantly elevate their mood. Affirmations can be done anywhere, one doesn’t require and tools or a place to do it. To start with, you should teach your little one simple positive statement like – I can do difficult tasks, I can achieve whatever I set my mind on. I can stay calm when I start feeling angry.

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A Family Having A Good Time

Affirmations can be said using ones inner voice or even saying it out loud depending on the age of your child, visual thinkers and even visualize their affirmations or even standing in front of the mirror and giving a little self-talk works.

It’s good to create a routine and set out a fixed time to do your affirmations. It is a great way to even start your morning routine; it will inculcate self-compassion and brimming positivity. Children who have a positive outlook are generally better equipped to cope up with challenges, stress, and peer pressure. If your child is prone to negative thinking, you should help them make a list of affirmations that can help your child with the issues they’re insecure about.


Children’s brains have more flexibility and they can easily learn, adapt and unlearn as compared to adults. By teaching them to be gentle on their emotions and self-love, you are equipping them to face the real world when the time comes. This will help your kids realize their full potential and thrive in the most difficult of times.


Using an easy tone and playful words can make this topic more approachable. You can come up with a few fun ways your child can incorporate daily affirmations.

Here are a few examples of affirmations that your kids and easily follow:


Be sure to keep it short and simple, use playful words, easy tone, and even ask your kids to come up with affirmations that they would like to say. Try to come up with affirmations for areas that your child is struggling with. You can make affirmation cards or even print out this list and ask your kids to read along.

- I am brave

- I am strong

- I am loved

- I believe in myself

- I am calm

- I am smart

- I can control my emotions

- My feelings matter

- I can do difficult tasks

- I am kind

- I am hardworking

- I am funny

- Today I am a leader

- I am perfect

- I have courage and confidence

- I am proud of myself

- I can make a difference

- I can make all my dreams come true

- I accept who I am

- Today is going to be awesome

- Every day is a fresh start

- I am confident

- I matter

- Whenever I fail, I will rise up again

- It is ok to make mistakes

- I radiate positive energy

- I am an original


These are just a few examples, you can make your own affirmations that your child is comfortable with and even say it out loud for yourself. Try to say them when your kids are around so that they can see you practice it. If you are pregnant you could gently rub your tummy and say your affirmations or if you are a new mom you can even whisper them in your baby’s ear. Hope this article helps you start your affirmation routine.


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